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  1. Velkommen. 1) Have some fun with your new scope! It's decent enough for a first instrument. 2) Get to know your camera. I used to own a 350D. Great bit of kit. 3) ronl has already mentioned Stellarium. Given that you have a lunar filter you might also want to download Virtual Lunar Atlas. 4) Keep posting on these forums. Plenty of people willing to give help... Clear skies.
  2. I bought a new 8x32 Sahara binocular (Barr and Stroud) from a supplier on Ebay about six months ago. Didn't really use it much (once or twice for birds in garden). When I ended up using it to gaze into the night sky over New Year I found it was out of collimation (double image when looking at stars). Unfortunately, going back to eBay, I noted the supplier was no longer trading. Sigh.... The Barr & Strouds advertise a 10 year guarentee (of sorts). Thought I might try Optical Vision Ltd as they are the distributor in the UK. Sent off an email, they then asked me to send them the bins (which I did). Replacement bins sent by courier within a few days. No muss, no fuss. Very pleasant surprise. Well done OVL.
  3. I agree with Steve. Helios Apollo 15 x 70 are superb. My most used instrument these days... Sent from my GT-I9100
  4. A fun read Bruce. Thanks for posting. Sent from my GT-I9100
  5. Great app. I use it to get an alarm to watch the ISS. Sent from my GT-I9100
  6. The Discussion - Eyepieces forum is a good place to start reading up. Lots of different threads on all things EP. Warthog has also posted a good thread on eyepieces set for newbie. (Personally, I love my Baader zoom...) Keep asking those questions - there is no such thing as a daft one.
  7. Now that's what I call a review! Very rigourous...
  8. Steve Have you any idea where one can source a decent parallelogram in the UK? Only one I can find is across the pond... Sent from my GT-I9100
  9. It's nearly summer. Break out the wine cooler! Sent from my GT-I9100
  10. I think you can if you contact one of the forum administrators. They are quite accomodating... (PS: Interesting to read your thought processes on selecting a dobo. Mirrored mine when I was pondering what to buy about 6 months ago - great minds think alike )
  11. +1 for Planispheres Combine with a binocular and it's more fun than you can shake a stick at
  12. I used to own a Celestron but then bit the bullet and bought a Helios from ABS (marketed as Garrett). I ended up gaving my Celestron to a friends kid. A week or so ago I borrowed it back to do a comparison with the Helios/Garrett I now have. Tbh the Helios puts the Celestron to flight. Can't believe I used it for so long. Am totally converted (or is that spoiled?). I'll never go back
  13. If anyone is interested I just noticed a seriously wicked Fujinon FMT-SX 16x70 Polaris binocular on ABS if anyone is interested. £830 worth of bino going for £450...
  14. Personally I'd go for a decent 10x50 or a better 15x70... Have you considered second hand? e.g. There's a good un for sale on ABS at http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=56197 Sent from my GT-I9100
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