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Is this the same as a Toucam Pro II?


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Well Gaz thats a decent cam for Lunar/Planetary work.

Andy/Coxellis has said its a good cam for this type of imaging

and he knows his stuff.

Don't know if its as good as a TouCam but as far as i am aware

it will do the same job.

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Thanks Jamie, the specs look the same. Am I right in thinking that if I only want to use it for planets then I don't need it 'modded'? The mod is for LE, is that right?

I've given up on the DSI for planets, I looked into it and the general feeling is that its possible but its an uphill struggle and tonight hasashown me that I don't like to struggle!


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Gaz there is no mod required for this cam exept the adapter to fit it to yer scope.

It will be good for the planets as it is.

In this case you have to take the casing off to remove the existing lens and fit the

nose piece adapter.

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