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Just picked up my (and my sons) first scope today, very reasonably from another member on here. We spent the day learning how to use it and examining droplets of water on distant leaves and blades of grass. So successful day all in all. We now have a night of looking at clouds planned. Sorry.

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Sounds good Marc - what did you get? (scopewise) :)

We got the Skymax 102 SynScan AZ Goto. Was an absolute steal. I wanted us to start small, and have something to take to the Peak Star Party where we will hopefully have a good old nosey at other peoples kit to help us in our next purchasing decision :happy1:

Struggled a bit with the Synscan setup at first, but all the questions i had, have already been answered on here.

Best of all, the boy is mad for it, and considering i normally cannot drag him away from World of Warcraft for more then a few minutes at a time its a total success. The Lich King has not had a look in all day :)

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