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  1. Hi Guys, yeah its mine, it was at SGL7 as someone pointed out. Unfortunately ill health has meant its totally impractical for me to use anymore. It really breaks my heart to sell it, but it breaks my heart more to see it sat there every day and not being used. My only option these days is solar viewing, and the sumerian isn't particularly useful for that.... Bang on about the courier though - i really want the buyer to come and see it assembled, broken down etc, and for me to be happy it gone to a loving home.
  2. FINALLY made my booking. After a few month of summer hiatus. God Bless Leslie from Drumroamin for chasing me up.. See y'all in November!!!
  3. The Steptoe and Son sellotape and string rocket will be making an appearance again this year... And hopefully City will be hammering United in the same fashion we did during last years event..
  4. Ive had a standard PST for about 3 months now, have used it nearly every day. I have never seen a plane pass through the FOV once. BUT.... my 10 year old son who observes with me has seen 3!!! pah!!
  5. Sky&Telescope's pocket atlas gets a +1 from me. It is small, but for me the amount of detail in it is just right. In addition to TLAO, i also recommend "The illustrated guide to Astronomical Wonders" - great book with loads of sound advice. Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders: From Novice to Master Observer DIY Science: Amazon.co.uk: Robert Bruce Thompson, Barbara Fritchman Thompson: Books
  6. I think they're great as long as you understand the limitation of a laser for collimation --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=44.639361,10.943779
  7. Ah yes. It looks different in the cold light of post weekend fun. Thanks for sharing. --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=53.360488,-2.270345
  8. Kev, Did you post some pics of the huge 'prom flare thingy' we were looking at all day Friday? i could of sworn you told me you had but i cant see it on the site. It was great through my PST although barely the size of an ant, I was somewhat humbled by Kevs views of it - which were about the size of my PST!!!!!!!! - Thanks a lot Kev:icon_salut:
  9. Just spotted this. Didn't realize it was so close to me. Only about 4 hours. Think im going to put this in the calendar.
  10. I forgot to give a big shout out to Tonyspektre & his missus. Hot cakes, fresh from the stove in the middle of the night - Fantastic - Thanks guys :-)
  11. Just got home and unpacked. What a fantastic time, met TONS of new friends, learnt an amazing amount, got sunburnt, and last but not least had my stupidity corrected with the new Sumerian thanks to Haitch - Thanks a million Buddy. Big shout out to the organizers, great Job :hello2::hello2: Roll on next year - theres still loads of peeps I didnt get to meet.
  12. I've got 1.5 camping mats so I should have plenty for all who wanted it in this thread plus my mate EDIT - Just read that again. Im not giving my mate away free with camping mat - just to be clear.
  13. Dont quote numbers to me buddy. I may have to remind you of a certain football score last year.......... Hmmmmm. i may be forced to regret these comments over the comig weeks... we shall see.. Seriously though 75%. Any idea what % of us noobs are coming back again this year. BTW - great job getting everything organized so up front..
  14. Wooooooooooooooooo. Im so excited. 24 hours till i fly home, 32 hours till i arrive , 40 hours till i leave for SGL.......who needs sleep!!!!!
  15. i have enough spare camping mat to happily donate
  16. Where do you put the toilet?
  17. 10/10 for sanmatt for starting something up like this. Great job.!! :hello2:
  18. Just saw a great shooting star. was landing at Bologna airport. Looking at Mars out of the window and Blam!! really bright, about 5 seconds and headed downwards from Mars. It looked like it appeared out of Mars's bottom. very cool.
  19. Last year, something like 50% of the attendees (including me) were 1st time party goers, so dont worry at all.
  20. Edit - Minus the scissors and yes they are modular. 3 pieces per 2 legged strut. 1 V piece and 1 extension to each leg of the V, if that makes sense.
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