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newbie observation problem

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Hello there,

After several posts i finally bought my first telescope.The skywatcher skyliner 200p DOB is very useful and handie scope with lots of potential as i understand.i used it the previous 2 days(i bought it 3 days ago..) and ive just started getting into constellations.Although i have a great view from my balcony at the greek suburbs i cant enjoy orion nebula or andromeda galaxy.Orion nebula is very tiny and adromeda is very blur and distant(i hardly can recognize the center nucleus of it).

Whats the problem?is the light pollution blocking my seeing?Are the eyepieces so bad?do i need a decent barlow to do the job?Or its the telescopes fault(i strongly believe that its not but i had to ask..)?

the scope came with one 25mm and one 10mm super plossl.Im thinking of buying the televue 2x barlow and if there's not a big difference in my seeing,buy the badder hyperion zoom mark 3 eyepiece.

Is this a good move??Help me to enjoy the greatest nebula of all please!


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If you have bad light pollution from man-made lights or the moon, nebulae and galaxies will be very faint, even the bright ones. You need to get away from the lights to dark skies if possible to see these deep sky objects at their best.

Viewing from a balcony is not the best position. Heat rising from the building will blur your view.

Try and find an observing site away from lights and buildings if possible.

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You also need to give yourself some time to "train" your eye.

It's a bit like running a marathon, you may be reasonably fit but you still need to develop the stamina and techniques....

It's like that when observing. You need to practise with focusing and getting the eye/ brain connections to understand what you are actually seeing.

It comes with time.....

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Thanks for the answers!

jahmanson:youre right.there are plenty of man made lights around and also the moon is close to full.

Merlin66:nice information thanks for telling me.i should wait and better results will come

so besides the light pollution etc,are the televue barlow 2x and the hyperion zoom a good start for my eyepiece collection?

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good advice above, you really can't beat a dark sky location it will reveal so much more to you, your scope is a very capable piece of equipment anyway and will show you some tremendous sights out there.

As for other kit, a decent barlow like the Televue is certainly worth buying although I prefer to leave one out of the line up and use my eyepiece's on their own. The Hyperion zoom has had some good feedback from many observers and is a nice alternative to buying a few separate one's.

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