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130p flexube with Tal barlow lense

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Afternoon, i have now recieved my first scope, the 130p flextube and got first light last night :(

I have to say first what a cracking little scope, did not expect something like that for such little price. Anyways, views of the moon and jupiter with all moons blew my head away, what a fantastic sight.

After seeing those two targets i would like to get a Tal barlow to make my viewing better. Is this a good lense and is it ok for my scope ?

Is there any other ep i should consider with my scope as i only have the standard 10mm and 25mm. Dont get me wrong, to me they work fine to a newbies eye in this amazing hobby. Cant wait for a more magnified viewing, and maybe messier objects also, if this scope will take it.

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I'm glad to hear that your enjoying your new telescope. First views of jupiter and its moons is always great to hear about. Its certainly a special sight!

The TAL barlow is a good choice, although the Skywatcher deluxe 2x barlow is very good and quite cheap for its performance.

With the barlow lens and your 25mm and 10mm EP's, then you'd have a range of: 26x, x52, 65x and 130x.

All you need is something like a 3.5mm or a 7mm and barlow it to give you approx 185x which is ideal for viewing planets on a good night.

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Nice scope you've got there - I was surprised at how good it was when mine arrived too. You'll certainly get to see some Messiers with it and its particularly good for wide field views of clusters - try the Double Cluster in Perseus and M45 (Plaiedes).



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