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EQMOD setup


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Can anyone help me I am currently trying to set my NEQ6 mount up with an EQ direct interface . I have loaded the Ascom driver and the EQASCOM driver but when I plug in the USB lead windows cannot find any USB driver for it, and consequently cannot set the COM port up. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated .


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Thanks Doc.

I have replaced the handset with an adapter that I got from RV optics. I think this is all that is required, it has a usb connector on one end and a 9 way on the other.

When I plug in the usb windows detects it and tries to load a driver but fails. Not sure if there is a driver missing?.

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As your laptop doesn't have a serial port you need to plug your EQDIR into a USB to serial adapter to allow iot to communicate.

Mick, these don't need any adapters - they are USB devices, and I beleive have the serial conversion built in (hence why they need the prolifc drivers

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