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I send the wife down the city today looking for a Usb box,

She went in maplin to ask about the Cerulian 4 port usb 2.o switching power hub,

"Man in shop said it no good for running a mount or camera or web cam all at the same time".

So can you please tell me the USB hub that I can use so I can use just 1 usb cable to the computer.



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I would suggest that you look for a powered USB hub. - You don't provide a link to the one in your second post, so it's hard to advise if that will work. One thing I noticed with my D-link 7 port hub is a compatibility issue with the old HP PC I have (needed a new PCI card to get reliable connections)

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Hi There,

You only need a powered hub really in two instances :

1. There is excessive length between the hub / pc / kit.

2. If the kit is going to draw power from the usb port being used, mostly there are control / data signals travelling through the cables and hub eg to a digital camera that contains its own power source. However if you run a webcam you are taking power via the usb cable itself.

I would purchase a hub that can be powered but I rarely think you will need to power it unless you start to draw more current from it. (some basic usb scanners & external usb optical drives need this extra power)



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I use this one. It's powered and happily runs an H9, a Lodestar, a filterwheel and an EQDIR module with one cable through to my Mac. No reason why it shouldn't do the same on a PC :)... and is available cheaper elsewhere :D

It works most of the time unpowered but occasionally doesn't (the Lodestar, EQDIR and filterwheel all draw power from it) so I just power it...


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