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Dob base movement.....

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As promised more questions when using my new scope....8-)

I remember reading over a thread on here regarding this problem but cant seem to find it again so hope you guys dont mind me asking again, here goes....

So i built My dob and it is all set up but the movement seems a bit more stiff than looking at the movment on video reviews ect, ive not over tightend the bolt between the two bases and to be fair the less i tighten it dont seem to make it any easyer to turn, ive defo got it built as the destructions say so i was just woundering is this a common problem/fault and is there anythin i can do to it to help make the base more easyer to turn?

Thanks for any advice, why the weather is horrible i thought i may aswell get everythin out the way so its done,



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