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  1. Cheers guys - telrad it is then, Much appreciated Mark
  2. Hi can anyone help me with the best advice regarding a good finder for a DOBSONIAN 200p, I've been looking for a telrad but wondering do they do a laser type finder? Also what make of wide field EP do 200p users recommend? A few year back I had a 32mm revaluation EP which I found pretty nice to use. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks - it's been great to be reading over the site again. I had a hour out looking at the moon Thursday night first time in a couple years and I got a little "buzz" of excitement when I dropped in the eye piece and settled down to look through it - felt like a little kid again 8-) I think that was the old bug biting again! I can't wait for winter now. My cousin has just moved to denbeigh right up in the sticks so I'm hoping to get out up there . it's pitch black apparently and I believe you can just make out the milky way - I visited last week but it was raining but it's perfect. He literally lives 30 seconds up the road in a farm house from the old denbeigh hospital / asylum.
  4. Hi everyone hope this is the right place .... it use to be, It's been a while since I last logged in to here it feels strange being back - I use to use this site quite a lot a few year back when I first started out and come across some fantastic people, very helpful and willing to offer advice - I kind of come away from astronomy in the end but kept a keen interest, I've always ment to get back involved, I've recently retired from work very early at the age of 31 due to a illness so decided now is the time to pick up where I left off - yesterday I bought a new 200p to start off with and I'm now looking for a couple of better EPs to use. Really I just wanted to pop in and say hi and i hope all the members I had great pleasure of learning from are all great and ok. All the best to everyone! Mark.
  5. Im really looking forward to watching this film! more so im taking the wife to watch it with me - shes not a fan of astronomy or space & for her personaly when i speak about the size of open space to her it really freaks her out in a way ive never seen anyone else react so this film to her will be a horror and i just cant wait to see her face when we are watching it!!! it will be priceless ha!
  6. Evening everyone, I bought tickets for this for me and my brother about a month ago and was just wondering if anyone else off here was attending? im really looking forward to it, it should be a very good day & night. http://theknowledgeobservatory.com/-Star__Events.html?no_redirect=true
  7. thats stunning!! i get a little excited when i see and think about things like this! amazing, somewhere in that brigt dot is me!
  8. very true. im looking forward to seeing what the earth looks like when viewed from saturn with cassini.
  9. crazy thought that - considering its our nearest star after our sun altho a dwarf you would of thought it would of been more visable but then saying that i guess thats the beauty and fasination of how huge the distances and how open the space acyualy is within our galaxy. enjoyed the episode of wonders of the solar system with Brian Cox when he tried to show the distance between us and Proxima Centauri.
  10. cheers guys - arr well now i know, i was going to google it but thought ild post it on here and learn a little more.
  11. Evening to you all, This is something ive always wanted to ask but never got round to asking - but if you dont ask you dont learn!.....my question is - is it possible to see Proxima Centauri from the Uk at night?
  12. hi guys, just wanted to ask if anyone can tell me what direction and time dal 14 will be visabl over the cheshire area, thanks.
  13. defo not chinese lanterns mate. ild still be sat watching them now the speed they pass over. they looked high up, cant say how high - i say this because at first they looked like satalites do, when i seen there was two i quickley thought fighter jets but as they went in to one i thought not, if it was one then went to two i could maybe say somthin breaking up like a meteor but to go from two to one and red in colour ive no idea. weve all seen what satalites look like and how quick they move across the sky just picture that but two a little distance apart same speed moved close together then one and out of fov. this is why i looooove watching the night skies! well also to see things that i know what they are 8-)
  14. hi everyone, ive just this minute been sat out with a pair of binos looking at jupiter in the southeast but was destracted when i seen what i thought was a satalite coming over from the nort so i tracked it but then noticed there was 2 and they were red in colour, traveling at a good speed as satalites do they then become closer and closer together as one and went over out of view, just a bit puzzled as to what it could of been! any serious sugestions? not seen anythin like that before! only very small dots of light just like a satalite/s
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