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Ha full disk


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Still early days in the solar game for me but here is an attempt at a full disk mosaic.

Scope is the entry level lunt LS35t, DMK21, 2000 frames for each half run through AVIstack 2 and then straight to photoshop to merge, sharpen and colourise.

Bit annoying trying to get this one as a cloud sat half obscuring the sun just up to the point when it started dropping behind a hedge and then a house. I had to lift and "replonk" the set up twice pressed right up against our bounday wall! I have no in-focus left and would like 1-2mm more just to be able to make sure. However, I am delighted that I have got this close to focus despite taking the barlow out of the train.

Still undecided as to just how I will colourise my solar images but at present I like this one. Still a lot of online tutorials to hunt down with the processing. As a second Ha image I am more than delighted though.

Finally - a superb little scope this Lunt. Not touted as an imaging scope at all and prior to buying I could find hardly any images through one.



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Oh yes - and the join is a as clear as day. Any tips on that when using photoshop. Or is it just a case of matching exposure/brightness per portion at the capture stage as well as possible?

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Trouble is that the detail on the solar disk is changing fast enough for a bit of surrepticious jiggery-pokery to be unavoidable, no?

Anyway I think you have done very well here. I would try adjusting the overlapping areas in Ps, mainly levels and curves, till they are close and then feed the lot into the merge software.

Rather than using the generic sharpening tools in Ps I would try wavelets either in Registax or using the Astra Art plug in for Ps, which is not very costly. Or does avistack have waveltets? I don't know.


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Nice full disk!

I use avistack2, however I always perform wavelets in Registax5. The panes are aligned for the mosaic in IMerge, I always let it 'auto' adjust the frame and found this to be spot on.

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