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First View and Image of Jupiter


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After a 'troubled' session - here

I was fortunate enough to still be up when Jupiter was above the roof tops and skies were clear. Just 1 hour before clouds rolled in this was my first viewing and image of Jupiter.

I am well chuffed :hello2:


Taken with SPC880 (flashed) and Konus 90mm, a combination of two registax6 processed avi's. One for jupiter itself and the other with exposure and gain ramped up in Sharpcap to get the moons then combined in CS5.

Any comments and advice most welcome.


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Thanks Roger and Telrad

I have to say I didn't spend much time on the merge as wanted to see how the concept worked now I've proven the concept I can tune it :)

First thing being to work on the moon shot, this was a 1 minutes avi stacked RS6 to 20%. Can probably bring that down a bit to minimise the ghosting on the planet itself. I did also notive the RGB channels 'split' on the moons managed to get RB 'insync' with the 'RGB Align' function.


Here is a Barlow x2 capture (1min at 10fps).


Cropped in CS5 so its even bigger. I think yhe ghosting on this may be more to do with the 'seeing' as the clouds were just starting to roll in.

Any advice most welcome.


(probably the happiest person in Essex right now :hello2: well at number 14 Cas........................:D)

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