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Contact Lens Cleaner?

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I recently posted a thread about cleaning my ccd but haven't got round to getting hold of some of the items suggested to me, now I need to clean my powermate and was thinking, could I use contact lense cleaning solution on it? If its ok for the human eye then surely it must be ok for the glass elements of a powermate?

Contact lense solution has the attractive property of already being in the house so I don't need to spend a tenner on specialised cleaner.

Does this sound do-able? Any reasons why this would/wouldn't be a good idea would be welcome

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I think lens cleaner is a sort of salt water solution. It's ok for contact lenses because our eyes are full of salt water anyway but don't think it will work well as a ccd cleaner.

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Contact lens cleaner is full of chemicals that prevent bacterial infection and so on, as well as salts that prevent ocular insult to you eye. Sorry but contact lens cleaner wouldn't be my choice.

I use this: Eclipse Lens and CCD Cleaning Fluid (59ml) (PS0020) - Warehouse Express and a sensor swab to clean the sensor in my DSLRs, as do many other photographers

It might not be "in the house", and cost you more than a tenner but at least you won't be compromising you future imaging sessions until you realise you should cleaned you ccd with the right stuff

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