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  1. Hi Paul, good to know that there is a lighter option out there. I had assumed the OTA would be heavier than the base, wrongly it would seem. If it comes to it, and the SW really isnt viable, I'll look around and see what the lightest 16" in my price range is.
  2. Thanks everyone. Really appreciate the help. I think I will contact skywatcher and see if they can give me some exact figures. I don't drive so the furthest I would ever be transporting the scope would be about 20-30ft from garage to garden. I used to manage my 12" without problems. I'm thinking the advantage of a truss design would be much improved grip compared to my solid tube. If I have any luck with asking Skywatcher I'll edit my original post to include a definitive answer, might be of help to any future readers. Thanks again for the help and the friendly welcome backs
  3. This is my first post on this forum in around a decade. Feels real good to be back. I'm coming back to my first love after a loooong absence. Hoping to get myself a 16" Goto Dob. The viability of said purchase depends at least in part, on my ability to carry it from the garage to my "observing deck" (or Paving stone in the middle of the garden as its otherwise known ). How does the weight of the Skywatcher 400p Skyliner (Truss tube) compare to my current scope the 300p Skyliner (Solid Tube). I'm thinking they should be about equal on account of the missing midsection, am I wrong about that? ***Pretty much got my answer, haven't been able to find the weight of my exact scope, but found a pretty much identical one. Fully assembled weighs around 33kg. The lightest 16" I can find is over double that. Now I understand the unanimity in the advice***
  4. Well I haven't actually used this one yet, I've got a few telescopes for observing and astrophotography, would be interested to hear peoples experiences with this scope
  5. Thanks guys, that's about what I was thinking : )
  6. Just been given a Helios 114mm reflector with tripod by a friend (this is a pic of the same setup, hope the person doesn't mind me using their photo) ... The optics are in good condition, so I was wondering, how much would one of these fetch if I were going to sell it? No ep's or anything included, just the tripod, tube and finderscope. Cheers
  7. Hi all, I've had a huge break from imaging and was just wondering what the best imaging webcams are at the moment? Preferably low cost but interested to hear about any, (specifically webcams as opposed to specialist cameras). Cheers Matt
  8. Thanks for the replies, I did have the net on when testing it so I'll switch that off and disable the old firewall, see if that helps. As long as I know a few dropped frames is to be expected and not an issue with my particular camera I won't lose too much sleep (except when I'm using it )
  9. Hello all, I've just received my new dmk618 this morning but I'm only getting a maximum fps of 54.6. Anyone have a similar problem or know what could be causing the camera to drop the other 5.4 frames. I'm running it with ic capture on the following laptop... Dell n5110 4gb Ram b940 2ghz dual processor windows 7 64bit The harddrive is 500gb and has hardly anything on it data wise.
  10. Thanks guys. I was looking at the flea 3 usb 3, which would be handy as I've got no firewire connections on my laptop. I also had a look at the ruby sensor which made me wish I knew more about sensors . Also looked at the skynyx 2.0 but I'm not confident enough to go for something like that, at those prices I'd feel better going for the safer option (which appears to be the dmk). Thanks again Matt
  11. Hi everyone, thinking of getting a new planetary camera, (I've been wanting it for ages but an unexpected expenditure in the garden meant I've had to wait a bit longer than originally expected ), anyway, I've almost got enough now and I was thinking of getting the mono Dmk618.as, I've heard alot of good stuff about it. However, because I've had quite a bit of a break from imaging over the last few months I'm wondering if there are any other contenders for king of lunar/planetary cams I may have missed? Or (for those savvy few in the know) anything about to be released in the next 6mnths or so? When I come to buying it, I could stretch to about £650, To sum it up, if you had a max budget of £650 and were looking for the best lunar/planetary camera (available now or in the near future) what would you buy? Cheers Matt
  12. Hi Cornelius, thanks for the speedy reply. I did see that part but there was also this bit... Need a Parallel port? If you want to use more than one printer, here is a simple answer. If you've got printers, scanners, external CD Rom drives, tape backups and webcams all wanting to use your printer port, take a look at this. They look to have contradicted themselves which is a bit annoying, especially if like me you know absolutely nothing about pc's. Thanks for the suggestion of the pcmcia card, I'll have to ask him if his laptop has a slot. The funny thing is if he says he's not sure, I won't know what to tell him. It will very much be the blind leading the blind. Thanks for the help Matt
  13. Hope this is the right place to post this. I'm in the process of selling my atik 2hs but the guy doesn't have a parallel port on his laptop, the parallel port is necessary for longer exposures. Does anyone know whether one of these will do the trick?... http://www.amazon.co.uk/PlusKom-2mtr-Cable-Female-Adaptor/dp/B000Q6JRHU/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1336392260&sr=1-2 It's a parallel port adapter that plugs into a usb slot, its 25 pin which is the same as the atik. Thanks for any help Matt
  14. Thats quality, I'll have plenty 'o' frames to stack then cheers Riklaunim
  15. Was interested to know, How long can Venus be imaged before rotational smearing kicks in? I'll be having a go at f/12.5 tonight. Does it follow that because the Venusian atmosphere rotates almost 10 times slower than Jupiter that it can be imaged 10 times longer, or is this poppycock I have a feeling there must be more to it than that so...any help? Matt
  16. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure I'm doing the right thing in selling my Atik 2-hs for a Dmk21au618, I knew it would be better for planetary images but wasn't sure about longer expoures. It seems I'd be better off all round with the Dmk Cheers for the help Matt
  17. Nice image Riklaunim. Do you reckon the Icx618 (in the dmk) will outperform the ICX 424 (which I believe is the chip used in the atik 2-hs) on exposures of about 5-10 seconds?
  18. Yeah that would be typical I'd be interested to know how you get on with it all the same Jon, I'll keep a look out in the imaging section if you'll be posting any pics?
  19. I'm already quite limited with exposures as I mainly use a dob with an eq platform, I'm really hoping the sensitivity of the ICX618ALA will allow me to cut exposure times significantly, compared with the ICX 424 on the atik 2-hs. I'm not very techy so I haven't done a comparison between the two chips (I'm afraid the numbers wouldn't mean much to me) but I would expect the dmk to be significantly more sensitive than my current camera
  20. I had seen that thread Jon, I wonder which DMK he was using? Have u had a chance to use your camera with the ICX618ALA yet?
  21. Would really appreciate any input at all
  22. I've been hearing that there's a usb 3 version of the flea 3 out. Is it the same as the firewire version in all other respects other than the connection? Has anyone heard any info about it? Matt
  23. Great idea DP, alas though no one was
  24. Ebay might have to be a last resort for me, they take 10% of the final price for themselves
  25. Cheers guys, already using astrobuysell but will now give the classifieds at sanm a go Matt
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