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  1. Thanks guys, some great advise there. I got close to 1.2m FL (vixen vc200l) and currently I can get away with 4 min exposures. If I flip through images the stars will usually move a pixel (or two) between each image. Will try to shake things a bit and see if I can see what moves. Araldite sounds like a plan. Both the extender and the whole focus assembly feels a bit wobbly so will try to glue them down.
  2. I've had flexure problems for nearly a year and has changed practically every piece of hardware (new dovetail, tube rings, guide scope mount, guide rings) but the problem remains. I've kept my ST80 but now I'm thinking that's where I should have started. The focuser doesn't feel tight so I'd like to replace the whole thing. What do you recommend as an alternative to an ST80?
  3. Not long ago I went for a walk in the area highlighted by rightguard. I was there during daylight so I'm not sure if there are any offending lights around but decided a good place might be where I drawn in the arrow below. Rigth by the road, easy to park and good views in all directions.
  4. I sent an e-mail last Friday and an update on Monday. Did you receive it? The zendesk link (ticket 12926) brings me to the logon page even though I'm logged in already.
  5. There's an interesting article in the Feb. issue of Astronomy about the nebulosity of M45. During the 19th century, scientists had a bit of an argument about whether there was any nebulosity or not. Sometimes it can be seen with a small telescope under bad conditions while it may disappear when viewing conditions improve.
  6. The Vixen finder (Vixen - Finderscopes & Holders) is illuminated. I won't recommend it though. It's too bright. Even on the lowest setting.
  7. Thanks TJ, I think you're right. I didn't even know the synguider had an aggressiveness setting. It's not on the display menu but it's mention in the manual (which I just read for the first time). A bit of forum searching shows that this has caused problems before so might be exactly what's causing my problems too.
  8. There's something wrong with my guiding and I can't figure out what's wrong. The stars are elongated in the RA direction. NEQ6 SW Explorer 150p SW ST80 guidescope SW AltAz Guide scope mount SW synguider As soon as the synguider display shows dR (drift in RA) = 1, the display shows RA- indicating that a compensation was made. The display then shows dR = -2. A compensation is then made the other way showing RA+. After a coupld of adjustments back and forth the deltas settle on 0 again but as soon as another adjustment is needed the over compensation occurs again. The problem first happened when I got the altaz guide scope mount so thinking that might be where the problem is. The guide scope mount is screwed down on the tube ring's camera screw and the guide scope is attached to the mount using the hard plastic dovetail it shipped with. Could this be causing a wobble resulting in the problem? If you're using an altaz guide scope mount, how do you attach your guide scope? I would like to use a standard dove tail with the ST80 but can't figure out how to attach it. Haven't been able to take a picture for months so grateful if someone can help out.
  9. I got a HEQ5 Syntrek and got the handset from my EQ3. Just plugged it in and it became a HEQ5 Synscan. I'm almost sure the same approach will work with the EQ6.
  10. Orion Optics wrote on twitter last feb that Discovery channel was there filming for "how do they do it". Don't know if it's been aired yet.
  11. ouch, I got 37. And I thought I was completely average :-o
  12. Always liked sci-fi. Especially in book form. Astronomy came later.
  13. I think lens cleaner is a sort of salt water solution. It's ok for contact lenses because our eyes are full of salt water anyway but don't think it will work well as a ccd cleaner.
  14. I got my first telescope last November and the biggest problem so far is paying for all the stuff I need (or want). Got a SW 150pds on an EQ3. As Astro Imp also discovered, the 6x30 finder is hopeless so that was the first to be replaced. Then I needed some quality eyepieces, eq3 had to give way to a heq5, guidescope, synguider, DSLR... It all adds up and I have a feeling I'm not done shopping just yet. Whenever weather permits I bring the telescope into my back garden and I'm enjoying every second out there. During the winter I was looking forward to summer and thinking about how brilliant it would be looking at the stars when temperatures got warmer. Now I'm looking forward to winter time and being able to see something before 11pm.
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