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Pillar or pier?

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Hi all,

About to put a permanent mount in the garden but wondering if theres enough reason to not just concrete a pillar into the ground, instead of paying nearly three times the price for a pier?

Has anyone tried this?

I only have the equipment in my signature so it will only carry about 20kg.

Thanks in advance for comments/experiences.

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Depends on what you are doing, obs or imaging.

That said, I still use the EQ6 tripod in my obs and never had any problems. So a pillar would work just as good.

If you want the perfect solution, then a pillar it is.

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What sort of pillar were you thinking of? Something really solid that won't move with a couple of feet concreted in should be fine. I'm going for a solid concrete base and pier with NEQ6 Pro mount for imaging.

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The advantage of a (steel) pier is that it is easier to modify or adapt should you need to - concrete is pretty permanent! Additionally should you move house you can take it with you! I doubt if there is any difference in use if they are properly designed.

You don't have to pay extortionate prices for a pier - mine cost under £100 for the steel - including cutting, welding and paint. I must admit I drilled the necessary holes. Try a steel fabricators - the folk who make fire escapes etc - the internet should throw up a local one.

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I don't think that there is any hard and fast rule, as it all depends on your personal circumstances. If your home is freehold and you don't see yourself moving then for £20 a 160mm diameter drainage pipe, a dozen or so bags of pre-mix concrete (cheaper if you bulk buy, but then you'll have shed loads left over) and you have something really solid.

If on the other hand you're leasehold, then you want something that can easily be removed. There are several designs which for best description resemble a flanged pipe and with the help of a few expansion bolts can be bolted to a solid concrete floor. Of you do move it can be removed and the holes filled in.

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