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Saturn 24/05/2011


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Hello, I've been experimenting with extension tubes to see if I can get a larger image without compromising on the quality.

To be honest whilst the image size is ok, the other night the seeing didn't seem too fair so I'm a bit dissapointed, particularly seeing as I got some storm detail in a smaller image the other night.

Still, can make out the Cassini division - just, and the shadow of the planet on the Rings plus the main band around the equator. Can also make out the darker C ring.

Anyway, thought I'd post one of the images. 1000/3000 stacked in Registax and tweaked in Photoshop.

The extension tubes do provide a larger image though i need to take some more shots to see if was just the seeing, my legendary focussing or whether the tubes simply enlarge the image at a cost of the image quality.

Comments welcome as always.:D

Thanks for looking.



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Thats quite a good image , did you use a diagonal in place aswell as the barlow and extensions ? i ask because i use a skymax 127 mak 2x barlow + extension but i also use the diagonal and my image scale seems larger than yours but really you should have the bigger image scale due the the longer focal length , just a thought ? check my album out to see what image scale i get . Again great attempt though conditions have been bad for a while now at least in the UK and the planet is slowley moving away so well done :D

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