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HELP!! Why am I seeing this??

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Hi guys

Im set up in my garden right now, first night with my SPC880nc flashed, and I'm getting this on my SharpCap screen when trying to view Saturn .... it moves across as if it is the planet, but no matter how i try and focus I cant get it.

I have a feeling I will be laughed at as Im doing something stupidly wrong ....


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that didnt work either ....

OK, im basically seeing a reflection of the mirror and the secondary mirror, kind of like a clock face and both hands pointing at twelve o clock ,.,.,.,.

sorry for the cruddy description but im all set up and really frustrated!!

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more details needed scope mount ect please

i do not see any thing on your pic, last night i had the same with the 90mm goto frac could not get saturn at all but did get it in the 12"dob in the end could you please give more details on you sharp cap settings and scope as these webcam act like a ep people say like a 15mm but i think its more like a 6mm what i do is stick the 6mm in first focus ,and then put the webcam in some times with the 12"dob all i get is a reflection of the sec mirror just focus so what is the scope if i use the 45 degree diagnol it never works so i take it out of the frac and do it that way

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It will be difficult to focus as you don't have a motorised mount and the size of the chip in your webcam means planets etc will move across the fov very quickly. You will need to get proficient at panning the scope to keep the object central

By the description of your image "reflection of primary" it sounds as if you are still well out of focus.


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