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  1. Thanks!! Just ordered some from amazon for £18 .... got to be better than the flimsy trainers I had on anyway!! Will spray em up with water resistant stuff and see how I get on next time.
  2. Did you get your free box of clouds with it?? Every telescope comes with one of those, they last for about the first 5-7 days of ownership.
  3. Hi Rusty, just looking at your list of kit. Do you have a pic of your Dob mount?
  4. Wasn't as bad as I thought, had plenty of layers on, and hat, scarf and gloves, only snag was I only had trainers on as I have no boots, and my toes started feeling it first, but by then cloud rolled so it worked out ok!! My mate got some good pics, although he doesn't rate them so they may never see the light of day.
  5. I've just got back from my first trip to Surprise View!! My firs 'surprise' was that we were the only people there -- were we in the wrong place?? I know we weren't but it felt weird. There was a couple of cars in the car park at various times though. The moon killed any chance of milky way though, but I did see an extra moon of Jupiter than I normally can from home. When I got home just now, I was disappointed to see the difference even on a crystal clear night here in Nottingham it's sad to see the orange fuzz creeping upwards.
  6. Hi I have the Skywatcher Heritage Flextube - this is a totally basic question, but can it be attached to a basic camera tripod?? First Light Optics - Skywatcher Heritage 130p Flextube
  7. Hi all I've had my Skywatcher Heritage Flextube about a year now, and tonight I'm finally getting to take it to a dark sky site in the Peak District. It's already blumming freezing and I know it's only going to get colder!! When I use my scope at home, I plonk it on top of a water filled barrel, but obviously I can't lug that to the Peak District - do people even take scopes like that out into the field or are they really for backyards?? Any tips from anyone would be greatly appreciated!! Gary
  8. My mate is a pilot, they have some kind of telescope on their jet video system, maybe for guiding, and he managed to grab this shot of the screen. Hope you like!!
  9. It took me by surprise too!! Incredible.
  10. What's your guess?? I think once china gets serious, there'll be another race, but ultimately I think America. Just my opinion!!
  11. Wow, fantastic!! I saw the earlier pass, it went on forever, just fantastic.
  12. Waxing Gibbous 11th June 2011. Thanks to hayju01 for pointing me in the right direction(s) and working his ICE magic on my footage. I have also brought it into Photoshop CS5 and unsharped masked it, greyscaled it and tweaked the brightness and contrast a little. Taken with a Skywatcher Heritage Flextube 130 and Philips SPC880 (flashed to 900), all sitting on a big blue barrel filled with bricks and water!! Full 11_06_2011 10_42_36 UNSHARP+BRIGHTER.tif
  13. Thats great, helps to get your head around what you are looking at doesn't it??
  14. I think I'm getting the general idea of what to capture and what to cut out. I had a good night's efforts on Saturday night, so we'll see what springs forth from the AVIs. I'll be going through those tutorials too, thanks for the recommendation. Thanks for your input everyone!!
  15. I can't advise on the actual pointers, but I know Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - Worldwide Free Shipping - DealExtreme do them, and I've ordered hundreds of pounds worth of stuff from them in the past and they are quick and reliable. You could pick yourself a couple up at their prices!! cheers
  16. Thanks for trying, and thanks for the extra info everyone!! Looks like a x3 is on my birthday list then.
  17. Hi all A few weeks ago I put up some footage of Saturn which was taken without a Barlow lens and I was informed that it was just basically too small to work with, so now I have gone for something a little closer to home, the Moon!! I have loads of footage of it, but for some reason (well, the reason is I don't have a clue what I'm doing) I can't get it to register in Registax, and the result is, well, bizarre. Would anyone like to have a play with it?? You can download it here - it's just over 170mb. Thanks people!! http://db.tt/2RS9YSu
  18. Fishing by day and stars by night?? You'll be so laid back you'll be horizontal!!
  19. http://db.tt/wf4pJda Hopefully that link will download a zipnfile containing the Avis and settings info. Thanks!!
  20. Hi I''ve been tyring to get a nice pic of Saturn for a couple of nights, but I'm really struggling. I have the Skywatcher Heritage 130 flex tube, and the Philips SPC900nc, and to get it anywhere near focussed, you have to bring the tube in about 1cm, which can be hit and miss. I have plenty of footage, but don't know what the heck I'm doing with Registax, and have a fairly slow PC so it's pretty painful. Would anyone be prepared to download some footage and play about with it, just to see if they can pull a nice image out of it?? I don't want to spend hours and hours trying different combos of settings if there is nothing there to get out of it!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Gary
  21. Of course you may purchase me a Barlow, thanks very much!! Thanks to all!!
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