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Reprocess: M51 from 3/15


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So, I am banging my head with Pixinsight and getting a bir ahead every time. Thanks, Harry, for the great tutorials (getting the hang of your dialect :D)

This is six 10-minute subs of M51 that I took out in the field a month and half ago and re-processed this morning. Tvo darks and no flats. Skywatcher Explorer 250 Newtonian and EOS 1000D (modded), guiding with PHD, dark/debayer processing in Nebulosity2, registrations, stacking and processing entirely in Pixinsight.


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Having spent part of my youth in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and traveling back at regular intervals since 1976, i take upon me to decide that you do not sound american in any meaning of the word.


All the best, and thanks again!


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