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New EP help!

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Hi all,

Wondering if anybody can help me, i maybe shopping for and new (second had) EP.

My EPs i have are 6mm GSO, 11mm TV plossl, 20mm meade 5000 swa, 32mm omni, and 34 meade 5000 swa.

Now, my normal Eps i use are the 11, 20, and 34.

I am looking to use this EP in my megrez 72 and 200p newt.

What are your suggestions? ( limited budget max £125)

I have seen a few panoptics and radians with in my budget, what are your thoughts on these?

Oh and i may be looking for a 15mm ish Ep i think :D

Thanks all


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Hi Keiran

The Panoptics are superb eyepieces but the range now starts at 19mm. They did make a 15mm, which are now like Hens teeth to get hold of.

The Radians are available in a 14mm focal length and are also great eyepieces but at £180 you would be looking at SH market.

Regards Steve

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Thanks Steve, So thats thumbs up for them two.

I do like my 11mm TV plossl, and my 20mm SWA 5000, but how do these compair, and can you think of any other EPs that will match these for a similar price?

Thanks again

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