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first light saturn


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got this with astromaster 130, neximage and 5x barlow ( a cheap 2x and a cheap 3x on top of each other. ) cant remember exactl how many frames but was only a few hundred. seeing wasnt great either.

so i reckon you could get better :)


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A good effort, definately would be an idea to invest in a good barlow, perhaps a powermate x4? Judging by the size the focal length must be quite short on the 130p so you'll benefit from a nice high barlow when seeing will allow. I use the revelation series of barlows and they do a good x5 for about £40. Keep at it and you will definately see improvements


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is the grainyness the cam,barlow or seeing?

anything else?

iirc 10fps <1000frames no messing with settings in sharpcap other than some wavelet. may have drizzled Cr 150%.

I think it happens when you push the wavelets up to much.



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