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  1. sounds liek collimation is out to me, cos what youve described is what you see when you slightly defocus a star at high mag when the collimation is out.
  2. looking forward to the images same setup as me bar the syntrek bit
  3. got the gpusb guider, a modded handset and neximage. First up I cant find neximage in the list of cameras, but i selected windows dwm (or somehting similar) and found my camera, which has the drivers from an spc900. I cant see anything on the phd screen tho, nto even when i shine a torch into the finderscope. neximage woprks fine in sharpcap. It is raw modded tho, is that yhe problem? thanks, tom
  4. he sent me an email containging a .mov file so i had to convert to mpeg to get it going in registax, so yes theres a loss of data there. the bigger image is a resized one, and in my experience image quality always degrades substantially when you do that.
  5. just wondering - can i use an eyepiece with a baht mask to get focus for the dslr, or do i ahve to use the dslr to take images and use them as a guide? 2nd, since i have now modded my handset for an st4 port, got myself a gpusb guider and phd, guidescope and camera, can i turn my heq5 standard mount into a goto, eg use a prog like stellarium to pick an image and ge the scope to point to it? thanks
  6. im no expert with registax! it is smaller yes, that was how big it came out from the video clip. resizing usually ruins the image, but ive tried anyway
  7. it doesnt liek the wavelets being played with too much
  8. i converted to mpeg and got it going. dunno what you'll think
  9. i dont reckon its too bad here, reading was far worse. Still havent managed to get the kit up the airfield, might have to bribe a mate one day to drive me there lol. I'tl be nice and dark up there with no light pollution in 3 directions for miles
  10. been clear all day, was looking liek a lovely clear ngiht, and nwo theres an absolute pig of a cloud drifting from the west. ARGGHGGHGHGHGGH
  11. and jason, I converted to avi btu cant open it with registax. will play aroudn abit later on
  12. i read abit, ehnce my post. but that too has been removed. ah well
  13. ah i think i see whats up. i got focus on a flower branch which was pretty near the scope. tried it with a tree further away and nothing. also, triued 3 inches and nothing. should i try 2? im running out of pipe here!!
  14. it is, couldnt get focus with 3,4,6 inches. so pulled the cam out of the tube and tried to keep it in line, pulled it out so far and got focus. ended up 10 inches. Is this too much? will it be too high a mag now? should i be able to achieve focus with a shorter tube???
  15. well after some awkward attempts to hold everythign in the optical train, i9 managed to get focus. tube is 10 inches long my initial tubes of 3-4 inches were way out lol just my luck jupiter will probably be TOO magnified to fit on the chip!
  16. what length should i make an extension tube for a neximage on a 200p f5 newt. Trying to use a tube instead of a barlow Is there any formula for working out where the focus point is?
  17. hiow can i download it to have a go in registax?
  18. just got my usb guider, so now im all ready for imaging! cloudy tonight tho if bbc weather is to be beleived
  19. definatly look on www.astrobuysell.co.uk for some deals on a 200 or 150 on a heq5. eq mount is th eonly way for imaging, and a 200 will give some impressive visual views, and sonme stunning images. sho[p around and be patient, dealsl crop up now n then
  20. i like both images but cloudwatcher i do liek yours
  21. sparrow, i admit i mistread/misjudged. I am in agreement with you that it doesnt have to cost the earth. EDIT ** - sorry, just ive seen so many threads saying u need this and that and this again and that and uitl cost you a few thousand, when actually it doesnt neccesailry need to be that way.
  22. sure it can cost alot, but look out for good 2nd hand deals and your away - someone on here helped me get a heq5 mount plus 127 mak for 200. sodl the mak for 145, therefore a standard heq5 cost me 70 quid. throw in a modded handset and a guider, plus 140 for a second hand 200 newt, a dslr and t ring and ur on ur way for 500 ish. Doesnt HAVE top cost thousands, and it annoys me when people say it does. sure if you want the BEST, but im [retty sure alot of people will be liek msyelf and be very pleased with reasonable results
  23. i thik the 2nd post go *** right apasrt form the mount. a fast F5 6 inch newt will eb able to give good prime focus results, be portable, and give good views on most objects. 8+ inch are really too big to be called portable, unless its a flexitube dob but that isnt suitable for imaging. Go for a 150 F5 newt on a heq5 mount, your ready for imaging and will have some great views observing EDIT** - haha 'got it' right was sposed to be was i said, but t ypo lead it to be go t i t, hence the blanks. HAHA
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