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Revolutionary scope equilibration method

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I have an idea about a new way of equilibrating my new 90 mm. mak, for night viewing. I was thinking of building a temperature-tunable refrigerator, that has dried air piped in. I'm thinking that I could eliminate my waiting for convection currents to die down, my mirror to relax and, even, minimize the dew problem.

The plan is that I'd pop it in, minus the eyepiece, an hour before heading out.

What does everyone think? Would it work?

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I use to have a 90mm Mak. I use to put it front of a fan and leave for 10-15 minutes or till it's cold to touch. I could set up and observe straight away.

The dew problem is different though, you'll need at least a dew shield to keep it off your glass. To keep it off your scope as well you will need a dew controlling strip or better still Astrozap do a dewsheild with the dew controlling strip built in Dew Prevention .

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Thank you. m. I didn't know I was re-inventing the wheel. Is the SCT coooler any good?

If you leave your scope outside (in a lockup) so it stays at approx the same temprature then you should have no need for one. If you leave it indoors and bring it outside to observe, or if the temprature drops sharply after dusk then an artificial means of cooling would be beneficial to reduce cooldown times.The key is to stop allowing dust or foreign bodies to get inside the tube by using some sort of filter.

My link was to let you know what was on the market. I had just spotted your post when I popped in the house and sent a quick link as I was outside myself setting up the C11.

If you have an idea my motto is go for it-if it is practical but do not throw good money after bad if a perfectly suitable product already exists. Hope that clarifies. Having a big lump of glass at the front will ALWAYS attract dew hence the need for dew shields-which are always the first line of defence then dew bands a secondary line depending on how bad the dew problem is. My motto again is prevention is always better than the cure so the dew shield always goes on immediately I have set up.


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