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ascom and st4 ports?

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i was going to buy a heq5 goto and have already got my ascom and usb to serial ttl but i have terminated it ready with rj45 for sw heq5 mount connection for slewing/tracking

but now as a stop gap i have a cg5 mount with manual track hand set. which i will mod to include a st4 port.

so what will i need to do now to my usb-serial ttl ?

will this work?

the st4 mod appears to need 4 singles dec+/- and Ra+/- but afaik the ttl version is two singles but obviously they get polarity changes! ?????

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Your new ST4 port will connect to your computer via an autoguider port and ST4 cable, either one that is built in to the guide camera (QHY5 etc) or an autoguider Shoestring Astronomy GPUSB or similar. Your USB-serial ttl cable is for computer controlling your HEQ5 Pro, not for autoguiding.


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the cg5 has a guide port (or atleast it does have now i modded it). but i got a usb-serial ttl to slew/track for the heq5 i was expecting to get. so wondered if it could be used to connect to the cg5 guide port. i pretty realise now it can't.

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