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  1. I second Spaceweather. From a psychological viewpoint I wouldn't really recommend anyone looking at it prior to a solar observing session, but then if you're having difficulties, at least it'll give you an idea of things will be like when you put your eye to the scope. There are a couple of small spots on the disc as I type this. What's your budget and equipment storage situation? If you're getting really keen on solar observing, you'd be better off with a small refractor. Good luck A.
  2. Thanks for the replies - looks like I've one or two more purchases to make .
  3. I've been getting more into solar observing lately and had a good 2 hour session late Sunday morning (7th). One thing I noticed, having used them for the first time, was that I seemed to get the best image contrast using a #56 Wratten (green) filter than with orange, or not using them at all. I'm curious to know other people's preferences and experiences with using these observing aids. Regards, A.
  4. I have sent a personal reply to Moonshane, but would like to reassure readers in general that my Seymour OG filter had been removed from the scope at this point prior to putting everything away and I was not being cavalier in taking proper precautions. Regards, A.
  5. Finally got around to it.......
  6. Saw a moving point of light (moving NW - SE) about 19.45 yesterday evening in Auriga - whatever it was, definitely not an aircraft.
  7. Hi, Just getting back into observing after a while - would be nice to see this thread pick up again & share updated info Regards, Paul
  8. Glad you're enjoying them, Trynda After a bit of a hiatus owing to one or two personal and professional issues, it'll be nice to get out and about again with my own kit - if only there was a prospect of clear skies in the near future..... Regards, A
  9. Wooo! The whole of Auriga, most of Taurus, and the majority of Perseus in a one second exposure! Well done that man! Perhaps even a hint of Milky Way with a longer exposure? Never mind, there's always another night. Thanks AM, BTW - I'll give your website a look over. Seriously, I hope this will inspire other imaging beginners " to have a go" and not be deterred by initial failures - all the knowledge of imaging to date that I have has been gleaned from this site, the BAA meeting I attended last month and the odd online "handout". I've not spent hours poring over books and agonising over small details, just got on with it and experimented. Also I haven't (to date) spent mega-money (famous last words? ). Regards, A
  10. Thanks to everyone for the replies. The advice is a lot to take in all at once but I'll manage eventually As I implied, it was the first decent attempt after about 50 or so failures - I did have a go at the Plough and the Pleiades in the same session but the results were disappointing due to rushing things - as I said I was running short on time for the sake of domestic harmony . So one big lesson - plan my sessions better and don't rush . Dark skies are not easy to find round my way, so I need to investigate that further. Best regards, A
  11. .....................after about 60 attempts with my new Canon camera. (I found BTW, that's it's terribly useful to actually try & focus the thing before you start snapping ). Brief technical details: Location - my back garden Time - 21.24 last Sunday F-stop = 3.5 ISO = 800 Exposure - single shot, 1 second (I know I need longer, really, but I was Under Orders not to spend too long out there . Camera + tripod as per signature. Done as jpg and raw file (but I'm only allowed to post jpg, it seems) Would welcome comments, but 1 question occurs in the meantime before I retire for the night , does anyone think the image would be better with the houses cropped out, or not? Thanks in advance. A
  12. Just sent a thank you note to Jeremy direct. I had a great time, met people, made some useful contacts, and would thoroughly recommend them to a beginner or someone who wants to make a fresh start in the hobby. You don't have to be in the BAA to go (it's slightly cheaper if you're a member) but you will get a propaganda leaflet or two pushed your way maybe (only joking). Best wishes, A
  13. Hi Jeremy, Here (just north of Birmingham) it's suddenly clouded over - so don't speak too soon Solar is certainly something that interests me (amongst a few other things), so whether indoors or outdoors I look forward to meeting you too and to a productive day in general . Kind regards, A (or Paul, if you like).
  14. Having recently joined the BAA (and still considering myself pretty much a beginner after some fits and starts over the years) I decided to go along, meet some fellow astro folks and pick up a few tips hopefully , is anyone else going? Best regards, A
  15. There's also the Federation of Astronomical Societies (FAS) that have a list of member societies Unfortunately they don't seem to want to provide a filter by location :/ so you'll have to look for names. James I note in particular there's a "dead link" to Stafford AS - a quick Google indicates they're still about, but there's not much info. I considered joining them years ago, then other things cropped up and my interest lapsed.