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  1. I also put my cross next to the VMA party A big plus point for me is that I've shown it to people with no interest in, and little knowledge of, astronomy - and they've been fascinated by it. I must admit the planetary version had slipped me by, so thanks on here for the heads up. What's it like on the old system resources , as my PC is creaking a bit now and might struggle running it with VMA as well? Regards, A
  2. You'll probably come across the binocular mantra that goes something like: "the older you get, the smaller will your pupils open in darkness, so large apertures may give disappointing results". Fair enough for the most part, but people are different of course, so a bit of DYOR might not be out of place. Then again, during a recent eye test i asked the optician "how far do my pupils open?" and her response - "not very"
  3. Yes, nice pics. That's an impressive crescent shot and I like the first one best of all - the Moon really does look cheeselike Incidentally, gives the lie to those who say you can't take worthwhile images with such modest equipment, which I've heard often repeated online and in books. A
  4. Am rather annoyed that they don't have objective covers for the price charged. I did look at my stock of spares from the binoculars I've had previously but none of those fitted. So I've measured the external diameter (which is quite a bit larger than the OG diameter) and sent off for a suitable set. A
  5. Rather annoying to hear this news as I have to make a confession.......... Just gone and treated myself to the 12 x 36 IS Canons (still in the box) and will do a "first light" at the earliest opportunity. Nothing about this on Google that I could see - perhaps I just looked in the wrong places . A
  6. Hi James, Yes, just getting the app form off for the conference today. What I meant was I can't really spare the time for lots of weekend stuff what with my other commitments. However the AGM is nice & local for a day out. BR, A
  7. I recently joined the SHA. This was a natural follow-on from enjoying the historical biographies of notable astronomers to be found in the BAA Journal. The SHA provides ideal reading material for a cloudy night , a pity at the moment I haven't got the time to really involve myself in the social side. Regards, A
  8. Didn't originally intend it that way, but 30 mins solar observing was all I could do on Sunday before the clouds rolled in. Like the above poster, I had been otherwise engaged in domestic duties (including a long held promise to check the washer dryer pump) There was thin cloud anyway which precluded seeing much detail, but at least I got AR2670 sketched and recorded its lat/long before packing up.
  9. I second Spaceweather. From a psychological viewpoint I wouldn't really recommend anyone looking at it prior to a solar observing session, but then if you're having difficulties, at least it'll give you an idea of things will be like when you put your eye to the scope. There are a couple of small spots on the disc as I type this. What's your budget and equipment storage situation? If you're getting really keen on solar observing, you'd be better off with a small refractor. Good luck A.
  10. Thanks for the replies - looks like I've one or two more purchases to make .
  11. I've been getting more into solar observing lately and had a good 2 hour session late Sunday morning (7th). One thing I noticed, having used them for the first time, was that I seemed to get the best image contrast using a #56 Wratten (green) filter than with orange, or not using them at all. I'm curious to know other people's preferences and experiences with using these observing aids. Regards, A.
  12. I have sent a personal reply to Moonshane, but would like to reassure readers in general that my Seymour OG filter had been removed from the scope at this point prior to putting everything away and I was not being cavalier in taking proper precautions. Regards, A.
  13. Saw a moving point of light (moving NW - SE) about 19.45 yesterday evening in Auriga - whatever it was, definitely not an aircraft.
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