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  1. Manny

    Lunar Mosaic

    First Lunar Mosaic after a long astronomical and imaging drought. Winter was brutal here in Toronto. Equipment. Orion EQ-G Atlas Mount. Orion 80mm Apo doublet DFK 21AU04 Imaging Source Camera Sotware. Registax6. Corel PaintPro X2
  2. Manny

    Jupiter and Moons

    Jupiter under the best seeing conditions I have ever had in Toronto. Equipment used. Celestron CGEM DX Mount Celestron 8 sct OTA Televue Power Mate 2x5 Camera. DFK21AU04 Software. Registax6 Corel Paint Shop Pro 2X
  3. Manny

    Jupiter 2012

    First attempt at Jupiter after cloudy nights in Toronto.
  4. Manny


    First guided image. I am very pleased how guiding worked. I have had lots of problems with 5 minutes exposures. Guding is the key. Please feel free to post yours comments. Equipment. Orion EQ-G6 mount. Celestron 8 SCT Images. 3 subs of 2, 3, and 5 minutes Camera. qhy9c Kwik Guding scope with qhy5 Software. Nebulosity 2 Location. Colingwood, Ontario, Canada Cheers Manny
  5. Manny

    Untitled Album

  6. Manny

    CAO. 11.07.31

    These images were taken at the Carr observatory in Colingwood, Ontario, Canada. For M13 I used my own equipment. A CGEM 9.25 OTA, QHY9C CCD Camera. For the Sun images I used the Observatory Televue Telescope, mounted in a Paramount mount and a Coronado Solar Fiter
  7. I hope you enjoy my images. I hope to post more as soon as weather cooperates and my ability as amateur astrophotographer gets better.
  8. Manny

    NGC 6992

    I also think that this second attempt is quit good. Keep going
  9. Manny

    Saturn. Low Eastern Horizon.

    This image of Saturn taken in the low. Horizon. Weather has not been good here in Toronto. Hope to catch a better image in better seeing conditions.
  10. Manny

    Greetings !

    Hello Folks: I am Manny. I am just a begginer. Got my first good telescope equipment about a year ago. I had a conventional Canon 40D that worked well for a while, then I decided to get a CCD camera but I haven't been able to use it as much as I wanted. I am very interested in astrophotography and I look forward to post and share with you guys my images. I hope weather gets better here in Toronto. Look forward to learn and to have a good time. Cheers! Manny
  11. Manny

    Jupiter and Moons

  12. Manny

    Transit of Venus

    This is my first planetary transit. Image taken using a CGEM DX Celestron Mount and a 9.25 OTA. Camera. ImagingSource DFK 21AU04. Processed and edited using Registax6. Location. Colingwood, Ontario, Canada.
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