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  1. Grass moving in the wind. Great animation!! Alfred
  2. Wow, awesome loop prominence in Calcium!! Great catch! Alfred
  3. Hi, I would like to share with you an article written by me on high-resolution solar imaging in different wavelengths. Glad that the European Physics Journal (EPJ) Web of Conferences published it. You can read it at: https://www.epj-conferences.org/articles/epjconf/abs/2020/16/epjconf_seaan2020_01002/epjconf_seaan2020_01002.html You can see the different layers of the Sun in high-resolution images using different setups. Best regards. Alfred
  4. Dear Kitsunegari, That is an amazing photo. Could you describe your setup to get these Calcium tadpoles? Thanks. Alfred
  5. 1 March 2016 Over here in Singapore, we have started our preparation for 9 Mar 16 the solar eclipse. Besides setting up the solar gears and exercising the imaging equipment we have also practised live broadcasting of the Sun. Took this image with a Borg 76 mm SF50 DS and DMK 41AU02.AS camera before the Sun flared. You can watch the recorded video broadcast that was made on 1 Mar 16 11am with an ASI224 camera
  6. Hi Don, Thank you very much. Hiten and you have been very helpful. I should get it figured out soon. Now that both of you have given your advice, I should spend more time trying it on my own. Alfred
  7. Hi Don, Thanks for your reply. There is something very fundamental that I have not gotten correct. I just couldn't find the place where I can select RAW16 and hence I don't have the option to save in FITS format. I need to get this part right before I can follow Hiten's workflow. Alfred
  8. Hi Don, I watched part of your NSN broadcast. Was so impressed with it that I bought an ASI224MC. I tried to figure out the setup/workflow for doing live broadcast with the 224MC. Got stuck in trying to check 16bit and set to FITs capture on Firecapture V2.4.11. 16 bit was gray out and I couldn't find the FITs format, only saw AVI, SET and BMP. Q1. How do I set FC to capture FITs? Q2. What is the setup for live broadcast - i.e. the sequence and setting for FC and Astro Toaster. Is DSS also required? How is it to be setup? Thanks in advance. Alfred Tan
  9. Nova Del has gone dimmer. Last night it was about Mag 6.2. Here is a spectrum taken on 25 Aug 13, 1500 UTC The camera used was a DMK 41AU02.AS and Star analyser 100. A still from the video is included below:
  10. Hi Steve, I am also testing out a side-by-side set-up. My equipment: a. Vixen GP mount with iOptron Autoguiding kit b. Ken Dauzat Adjustable Dual Saddle (http://www.kendauzat.net/other/0212081b.jpg) c. KWIQ guider (http://www.kwtelescope.com/KWT_KWIQ.htm) for now - I will replace it with LVI Smartguider 2 when it is delivered. So far I have done my 2 star alignment without much problem. Unfortunately drift alignment still have not improve the drift. Looking out for clear skies to continue. On your query about the orientation of the scope - I point the scopes to North when I start the 2/3 star alignment. Lee's advice is good We can share our learning and progress Alfred.
  11. Sara, I am new in trying autoguiding. The instructions in KWIQ guider (using QHY5 camera) tell me to install ASCOM platform and drivers in the following order: a. ASCOM Platform b. QHY5 system Drivers c. QHY5 ASCOM Driver d. PHD Why I need to use ASCOM??? Base on what I've read thus far, PHD will communicate with my mount motors via ASCOM platform using mount ASCOM driver. PHD establishes link with QHY5 camera and takes exposures of the drift of guiding star. The PHD establishes that the guiding star is good for guiding, calibrates and decides how much to correct the mount motor - through ASCOM drivers, I think That's the theory - now that I have successfully installed all the ASCOM and camera drivers, I will plunge into autoguiding Hope I have answered your question Alfred
  12. I have finally managed to connect KWIQ guider QHY5 camera to PHD in Win 7. To do that, I have uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers from qhyccd.com work. So far, I only find these drivers to work. For those who have same difficulty like me may want to use these drivers which can be downloaded from: QHY CCD software Download Take note to download the QHY5 update driver as well. And you must also use the QHY5 ASCOM driver. Cheers.
  13. Hi Martin, I have tried out connecting QHY5 to PHD in both Win 98 and Win 7 notebooks. It works fine in Win 98 but not Win 7 (i.e. ASCOM V5 camera -> CMOS QHY5 camera). The error message in Win 7 is "Problem connecting to camera". My guess is the problem has to do with QHY5 driver that I am using. I would like to try the drivers you have mentioned. Where can I get these drivers? Thanks in advance. Alfred
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