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  1. Nice bit film, straight out of Film-school I guess.If this was for real it would have been posted in the world's media surely, and I agree , where was the swearing and the p'ing of pants? all we got was some yippe ya ah Karlo
  2. Yeah, cheers Martin, ps It also helps if I were to read the Synscan Manual! I think it's the " ports" bit that gets me .I can never remember how to find out which port I've to use. I'll let you know how I get on. Karlo
  3. Hi there can anyone help me out? I thought I'd Bookmarked some info from the learning zone about hooking up Starry night with a 'scope, doubtless to say I hadn't! I've got V.5 Pro, if that helps. I'm sure I saw some thing very similar to my query not too long ago. Cheers Karlo.
  4. Okay this isn't really a review, but tonite here in leeds the clouds have finally parted.I'm celebrating First Light ! Tues 22 looking thru the apo (see above) I thought that was very impressive but blow me! Saturn was belting clear, divisions, moons! the image in the cape was rock solid on the HEQ5 and pin sharp, nowt like I've ever seen before! THEN I took a look at venus, wow, how gorgeous, Beautiful clear phase,steady.Now as for the Moon!!! The 30mm 2" 80' was filled with this image that made me feel like I was half way there. I am so going to enjoy this 'scope! NB it would blumming help though when setting up to make sure I input the Long & Lat in the right sequence(ie unknowingly inputted 53.47W and 1.36N Bottom!) Idid try to catch some images but by the time I'd got together saturn and venus had gone either behind the trees or below the horizon.Looks like Steve will be rec'ing an order for a 3x barlow darn soon! what a beautiful sight though, worth every penny,(just as well the missus wasn't too interested in how much it all cost, as long as the kids have shoes right)
  5. beamish

    hi all:) 2

    yeah but thats when yer likely to trip and make an a** of yersen.
  6. made a booboo, it was actually a 102mm Apo
  7. beamish

    hi all:) 2

    Firstly, I must admit I find it hard to believe that there isn't another Cape owner in the forum. It's clear to me that, as I suspected, KK knows his stuff, truth is it appears Peter Wise has got his sums right, he spent long enough trying from what I've read. I bought the cape because 1)it's pretty portable at only 8Kg and 620mm long. 2) it offers high contrast images and a wide field of view. 3)It's sealed (face plate) and requires next to no collimation. 4)I really fancied the idea of indulging in planetary observing whilst having the option of wide flat field for DSO and astro-imaging (my plan for the future), it basically ticked a lot of my boxes, it's british made and very well engineered. I became interested following a review in The Sky at Nite mag('05 I think). I just felt that it would be something I'd get years of use out of. Whilst like many other SGL members,I'm cursed with on-going cloud cover and the prospect of another Atlantic front moving in over the BH but I promise I will post a review ASAP. Images may be alittle longer. The 'scope was bought with a 30mm(80' fov) and an 11mm(80'fov). Of course if we ever meet up at kielder or any party SGL members will be perfectly welcome to view for themselves, open invite. I feel like this piece would do well with respect o Steve's post re "maximisers /satisfisers".
  8. I thought this was a cracking article,I agree with the author. "Choice" and the search for the perfect, correct choice merely leaves the searcher standing still and unable to commit, later unsure or regretful and hence the defensive stance. I believe this applies to all our approaches to decisions. Personally I was once a"maximiser" but much happier since I recognised the inner peace and satisfaction of moving to become a "satisficer"
  9. Hi there , don't know if this will help but apart from the excellant idea re the "dummies" series,I assume that the laptop runs on XP,so, MS publish a book called "Microsoft WindowsXP step by step" the important thing being the CD rom included .This is perhaps the best hope he has as it will offer the tutorials he'll need to grow with his aquisition.
  10. beamish

    hi all:) 2

    Hi there Ron, in answer to your question, yes there is a lens in base of the focuser, the 2ndry mirror is flat, and the link should say it all. I 'm sure this should help. http://www.newise.co.uk/
  11. Hello Jase, Barkis is right don't rush. These guys Know a great deal, have a wealth of experience, then get you to part with the readies! Welcome.
  12. No pics I'm afraid, but had a great view tonite thru a 90mm TV apo!
  13. beamish

    hi all:) 2

    Thanks for warm welcome guys. I'll fill you in re the cape ASAP. It is a cracking bit of kit and beautifully engineered. Jamie, which days will you there at kielder? I've just been given the OK from SWMBO :whip2: it'll be my b'day week oooh . At least I now know what your tent looks like! after reading up about SGL3 wk/end. In fact it's made me re-think about the tent I was going to use. Cheers everyone .
  14. beamish

    hi all:) 2

    Right then, no more hanging about! Hello to every one in the SGL. For quite a while now I've been reading the posts, the news and alot of tips in particular the permanent pier made from wood and some thick marine ply.That's definately given me a lot to think about. Although I've been interested in the stars and the planets for a long time, it was only a couple of years since I was given my first scope. First view of Saturn did it, twas almost a spiritual experience! I've just recently secumbed to my dark side and bought a scope that popped up on Astro buy +sell, ie the Cape200m. And the skies have been cloudy since! I've learnt alot already from you guys and I seen how manage to tease members credit cards out of pockets, mine are pretty empty for awhile. PS whose going to Kielder? best wishes, Beamish.
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