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  1. wow! Darryl they are sooo nice- I'm watching this cam with interest. Am I right in thinking this is usb2 too ?? obviously the answer is yes having read the last post !
  2. Stunning, XLNT capture. The seeing up here appeared superb unfortunately ( crying ) I couldn't get out myself
  3. I'm loving that ! Well done lovely image !
  4. Paul, perhaps it's the settings in Polar finder you need to check- is it using system time etc..
  5. Great shot ! ...and I agree with Stuart regards the manual dob
  6. You'd be one very lucky fellow if your reticule was even near perfectly aligned with the RA axis It's definitely worth taking the time to do BTW - you'll only need do it once. then all will be well. There are some guides on the net, the important thing is to take your time and be gentle, it's not too difficult to turn the little fiddly alan grubs too much and crack the reticule !!! Oh best done in daylight using a fixed object like a distant telecoms tower/aerial or such.
  7. thanks Atlas Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing ?? At least i got some practice in but I'm sure my eyes are dying
  8. 2x pretty poor data sets, again , but this time derotated and combined to 00:19 U.T. 11/11/2012 in Winjupos 10 and wrung out in PS
  9. thanks guys, Budski, I've just switched and 1st impressions are that it's amazing and the impact will be enormous. I've no idea at all what was going on with 2.1 ??? it's been very reliable up until that night. Tho I have recently also switched to Win7. I know it's FC 2.1 related and had something to do with the thruput of the 1394b card, cos the issues re stalls and freezes did not recur with FlyCap2.2 via the same card, but as I am unfamiliar with flycap i just kept trying to resolve the issues-without any luck. So on Tuesday I installed the flycap update, firmware update and the new build FC 2.2 build #33. I also opted to drop the PGR 1394b interface driver and go back to Texas Instruments. I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I was when I fired up the cam and found how smooth it was. I'd still like to hear how you get on with cam Bud, it's out of my price range, , I wanted the 76C660 chip and that was alot more expensive
  10. thanks guys, very kind of you, truly.
  11. appreciate the support & kind words guys. I'm going down the New build FC and FlyCap 2.3- so far it appears "Superfast" - these software guys are amazing- fps rates and captures seem sooo much smoother, soooo I've resurrected Ascom and Eqmod ( really need to catch up and do a refresher) so as to enable the onboard "live" planetary guiding. I've even fixed the sticky joystick on my dusty Rumblepad no 50" plasma screen just yet
  12. ta , I have to say it's Sod's Law, that on "Bonfire night" with smoke and fireworks going off, we end up having very good conds for the 1st time in a long time, the mount was perfectly balanced and tracking was some of the best I've seen ( honest !) the skies were good but then firecapture just refused to play nice stalls freezes etc.... just awful ! 3hrs and only 4x .avis of poor quality at best. Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel and buying a huge tv instead !
  13. only just got around to processing what little i had from the 6th. Firecapture went all Pete Tong on me so i s'ppose I ought to be pleased . FC all sorted out now fingers X'd
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