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  1. They are wholesalers their returns/refunds policy has been / is XLNT . Not quite "when it's gone it's gone " but yeah they are wholesalers. the extra £30 could go on something else, an EP perhaps ?? Oh and when has any retailer "FIXED" an SLT ????? PS my mum bought my very first 80mm GT ( very similar) from there for my birthday many many moons ago, god rest her soul , don't know if it was a blessing or a curse ?
  2. You know your seeing is spot on when it delivers B channels like that ! Very nice indeed Franck, well done
  3. ta , beautiful piece of engineering, add the Go-To facilty and wowser !!
  4. Mike I do hope that this isn't a totally ludicrous question but.... are the mirrors included in the price ?? cos if the answer is yes then that is one hell a great buy !
  5. Rik beat me to it. Do not be tempted by USB3 ( different chip !) If I could have the choice over I'd plumb for GigE rather than FW800- for no other reason than it'd be easier than trying to sort out 1394B Ex Card and most lappies these days don't carry Ex Card slots anymore, but I was lucky with the Thinkpad
  6. TBH Andy if it is tree crud I'd get it off -quick ! once set it's like cement ! coatings on modern optics is better than one might realise and will certainly be able to withstand some gentle rubbing with a Baader cloth and some WonderFluid. Specs of dust fine leave 'em but tree resin is a no-no. Your choice tho
  7. Unless like me you get green fly resin/poo getting blown onto it from the nearby tree that's inspite of a lengthy dew shield .
  8. I think you've pretty much nailed why one ought to go with the IS cam TBH- why would you want to spend cold hard cash on a DSO cam that offers such a small chip? The IMGOH doesn't in MHO offer the same level of support re users, and is a comprimise cam. You either want to go DSO or planetary. Planetary then go for the IS or Flea or whatever DSO then start looking at ATIK. Personally I've been put off from the QHY cams due to software issues in the past and so far I've not read anything to change my mind. Admittedly, the IMGOH can be run via Firecapture tho. The Flea offers 12bit(?) too tho this only really becomes warranted when seeing is XLNT so..... As has been said already , you don't need cooling for planetary. You pays your money and makes your choice. I jumped for the flea3 and lurve it
  9. another vote for the Baader fluid but as an additional note to Earth Tiatan's message:- If you are ever tempted to remove the corrector plate, please be sure to do your research and ensure you make lots of recognisable registration marks !! As the plate will have to go back in the same orientation ! Apart from that there's nowt to get up tight about
  10. very nice James, can't help re AS question since I tend to go for alot more AP's
  11. Look up and download/install "Virtual Moon Atlas" has an ephemeris tool
  12. "Moon Dust" Andrew Smith "The Man Who Ran The Moon" Piers Bizony " A Man on the Moon " Andrew Chaikin "Apollo 13" Jim Lovell & Jeffrey Kluger ( basis for the film) "Carrying the Fire- An Astronaut's Journey" Michael Collins "First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong" Neil Hansen ( only official biography) .should keep you going
  13. If you 'd like to learn more about the Apollo Missions there's a wealth of XLNT books out there written by those who were directly involved in the process and....if you'd like to know more ( you will freak at some of the technical specs !!!) about the craft itself then I can only point you in the direction of HANES "Apollo 11 Manual: An Insight into the Hardware from the First Manned Mission to Land on the Moon " when you read about the memory cores of the computers, how big they were and especially how they were made,I can guarantee your jaw dropping. Great xmas stocking filler and conversation piece too
  14. Couldn't help myself, came back saw this and googled-first page I opened http://www.collectspace.com/ubb/Forum29/HTML/000731.html
  15. Skepitcism is one thing I'll grant you but sticking your head in the ground and ignoring the facts is another entirely ! I'm now bored and will unfollow sorry but seen too many of these types of threads on here zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  16. Lack of political will & funding -simples !
  17. Don't bother ! Leave the person to wallow in their own ignorance!
  18. Not frequenting the boards as much as I'd like these days but always nice to see skills like these on show when I do - very nice indeed Neil, smooooth !
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