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  1. rest in perfect peace Sir Patrick .
  2. Thanks guys , Neil I'll give that a whirl later, ta ........would that be dropping the LD values on each of the R's , G's & B's before the combination of each individual channel then ??
  3. Courtesy of Neil's suggestion - very pleased with the result cheers Neil !
  4. nice Neil, have you tried processing the moon separately ?
  5. Aye there is that Neil, I'll see what I can muster from all the data, probably Sunday.
  6. Nah- rubbish !! ..........only kidding. I have an astro engineering supreme photovisual 2.5x which has proved to be very good tho I use a celestron ultima 2x ATM. Reason being that, like the TV, the supreme will not amplify beyond 2.5x, so it's pretty much set and I like to have choice of fl's available. It's entirely upto you. There are some very good 2x barlows out there, cheaper than TV BTW that will still do an XLNT job and leave some spare pennies for the FW and CCD filters
  7. Hya Neil, captures were 100secs fer except for B 120secs but I got greedy with the gain I think , to go for the higher fps So I'll be moving back to between 70-75% max Not put any of this data thru WinJupos
  8. I think this is likely to be the best data set I've got from the other night. Still a bit grainy from noise tho due to higher than normal levels of gain used- Think I'm going to slip back to 70-75% max
  9. just seen your last post-that would explain the image scale. You'll need a more powerful barlow for the newt
  10. Hya Farside post up your log file, but I'd say get a decent 2x barlow that will allow greater mag 7 image scale via varying the distance between the lens and chip rather than a 3x, since you'll not often get the chance or need for F30+ . As for filterwheels ah..... I used a manual happily, to a point, for quite a while before getting an electric FW. Anything that removes the element of shudder (from touching) from the mount is always going to be a good thing, but TBH after a bit of practice and with your mount, you ought to be able to switch filters manually pretty quickly without much of a noticeable wait for the shakes to dissipate away. So unless you're feeling flush get a decent FW- there are afew but I quite liked the ScopeTeknix filter wheel, as it has a nice defined positive feel when the filter is changed.
  11. Thanks guys, I'll take another look at the data and tweak. seeing and transparency last were strange but given my forced lack of activity , I just wanted to get out n play. Thing is it looked quite promising "live"
  12. Cheers guys, can't understand why my captures always seem to resemble pastel drawings tho
  13. At that fl you could easily get away with at least 120secs per channel
  14. Thanks guys, Darryl- meant to say "hot off the press" but you know how thoughts change by the time your fingers hit the keyboard I think I've got some better data lingering from a little earlier in the eve, so I'll take a closer look when I get some time at home late tonight. Not had many oppos to get out under the sky at all these past few months -not likely to improve for me until mid Jan when I get a bit more free time
  15. First sample off the HDD testing data,..................shows promise no resizing/drizzles etc
  16. great 1st light tho set up niggles hit us all- I was beautifully aligned etc last night ready to image and the power cable came out due to it being so stiff with the cold, the idea of ree-aligning was not an option so just had to put up manually adjusting for the slight movements due to mis- polar alignment
  17. lovely capture-your patience has certainly paid off JH, XLNT !
  18. don't use a planet or an exceptionally bright star ! Use a mag 2 star near the zenith or just high in the sky
  19. I foresee a number of hi-spec cameras siting collecting dust rather than photons ..
  20. Personally Darryl I think the level of detail contained within the GRS ought to be enough to convince anyone of the legitimacy of this cam, indeed I think this could well be on my shopping list as a last throw at buying any kit due to it's dual purpose as a Lunar cam ( 30fps at full res !). You just feel free to throw at us any and all versions of this capture Darryl cos it's a pearl mate !!
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