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  1. Sorry I'm late to the party Freddy- but they're sweeet !
  2. aww sorry mate ! BTW do you know how old is that 1229 driver is /when it was updated ?
  3. BTW James following on from Darryl's mention of superfast drivers- I have just noticed & d/loaded a new driver from ZWO x.x.x. 1229 . Indoor testing looks pretty good so far. I too may just be tempted tonight- Good luck!
  4. Umm , there's an awful lot of opinions from well respected imagers out in internet land regarding "theoretical" & "practical" optimal focal lengths for pixel sizes, under sampling and then over sampling. Personally, since I'm lucky enough to have a variety of barlow options and I appreciate Darryl's expertise I shall probably stick with F20 rather than scramble to get close to F19 from F15 upwards. This cam does appear to work very well at those focal lengths. It's all a bit academic ATM tho since my C11 is closed up safe in a box !!!
  5. " I've just finished trialling the new super high speed drivers from Sam " ooooer that sounds very interesting Darryl
  6. I very much doubt it Neil I've just yesterday taken the decision to dis assemble and pack away safely whilst a load of building work is being done around the house- just not too safe to be trying to get an 11" scope out to the pier or even on the tripod ATM at the end of the garden( which would be ideal for the early morning captures) so I'm generally both feeling pretty low and keeping low. That said there 's plenty of good images on nthe various sites to help keep my pekker up
  7. urgh, best put my eyes back in ! wouldn't mind but I re read it twice and still missed it !! cheers James.
  8. Credit is indeed due to you Neil, given the difficulties from our lattitudes this is very good
  9. good bargain but certainly odd as most charities are pretty much on the ball these days
  10. open all three files in PS. >Image >.mode change to greyscale (8bit) highlight one image and > drop down menu over on the right hand side for "Channels" choose & > "merge channels" drop down menu on window > RGB then choose which file correlates to R G or B for each hit enter Bob's your mum's bro BTW it's a cracking image and camera ! reduce the frame size to improve frame rate. R U using Firecapture ??
  11. I think these are great for a 5" mak- well done James !
  12. Hey Darryl that is one mighty fine capture-i shouldn't worry about the collimation mate it doesn't seem to stop you
  13. It definitely helped my confidence knowing that Gunnar had gone to the trouble of printing off some very clear instructions and diagrams too
  14. Well I jumped in and bought one these alt adjust mod kits from Gunnar , who I have to say has been a gent throughout. The kit arrived quickly and was very reasonably priced I'd put off the job cos I've been seriously busy and just couldn't bare the idea of bringing the mount indoors only for it to sit there waiting and possibly missing out on a clear night. So this kit has been sitting patiently since the the 17th Oct and finally yesterday with the mount being moved back from the tripod at the end of the garden to the pier I decided to bring it in, clean it , mod it and test the EQDir module I made up ( also sat dust collecting for ages) I had overestimated the time needed for the mod big time !! the whole job took about an hour and all was done and cleaned up , the mount was/is sat on the tripod in the dining room ready to be put back on the pier. Simples ! A new high end tapping tool did make life easier, and TBH I had organised myself with all the tools required for the job to be gathered together but ... wow ! I am soo pleased with the result. I already had the "improved" alt adjust screws fitted but there was always a "slip" when the final alignment adjustment was reqd. This appears to have cured that hiccup and the feel of the alt adjustment is now sure and very positive- I can thoroughly recommend it ! Thanks Gunnar ! Karlo
  15. I think I prefer the second attempt Ralph, very nice image and good details coming thru
  16. Agreed, very nice capture Ralph , well done
  17. lets hope the rest are as good as these, well done Luis
  18. A superb capture Pete, really great to see the details , more please
  19. seriously nice work James, very impressive job (...with a webcam and the 127 Mak ?? ) very nicely caught !
  20. 83fps ??? That sounds unnecessarily high. Are you capturing in 12bit mode? With huge files make sure you click on the registax " >2Gb" near the top and load one at a time and don't put loads of alignment points ( Reg seems to work better on planets when you choose about 24 AP's, or try AS2! for stacking Prior to stacking you could try cropping the avi with Castrator, this will also centre the planet. It means that whatever stacking s/w you choose will not be wasting time processing black background HTH Better 2nd attempt BTW
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