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Thanks to Uncle Rod and ebay I now own.......

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Polar Bear


blogentry-7793-0-17938100-1370467142_thu It is old and it is used but like all good things it has stood the test of time and still functions (a bit like me)

'It' being a Celestron C8 Ultima. After several months of deep thought and even more of research I may just of purchased my ideal scope, if such a thing exists?.

Rod Mollise over the pond in Chaos Manor South, that guru of the CAT world aided me on my path to telescope nirvana. His informative guides http://skywatch.brai....com/astroland/ were a great help (thanks Rod) A little serendipity came into play when a C8 Ultima appeared on ebay just 10 miles down the road from me. Now I am not rash or excitable but I must admit admit a great amount of glee passed through me when I went to view the scope. The Ultima is around 20 years old so it was imperative to test it and all checked out fine.

The illuminated reticle EP on the finder, a turret diagonal, full aperture solar filter, OEM dewshield, original case and 2 quality EP's all added to the glee and gave me the impression that it had been it's previous owners pride and joy (the seller had been gifted it) Now you can dash off and find it on ebay and decide for yourselves if it was a good purchase? I am without doubt it is a great find.

Why a C8 Ultima? It will suit my interest in visual Planetary observation (horrendous LP up North here) and should I decide to do a little imaging it will be interesting to see how accurate the PEC (Periodic Error Check) drive training function works. I love the simplicity of it, the quality and it's reputation, especially the reputed rigidity of its fork mount. Plus the obvious one, cost !

I think I have a great 'big bang for the bucks' scope with this one and I am sure it will be a keeper. I am picking it up tomorrow and Saturn awaits......


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