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  1. Hi Louis, Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.
  2. Hi Forgive my ignorance, I'm new quite new to Astronomy. I have 3 BST Starguider EP'S Which I upgraded to after buying my first Scope, The Heritage 130P. I treat the EP's with care as I do will all my Astro kit, I have never put my fingers near any part of the lenses and always put the protective rubber caps on after use, all stored in a foam filled hard case, should they be cleaned routinely? I presume its only dust or finger marks that need to be cleaned?
  3. Hi If I were to buy a Classic Dob, totally manual, could I add the above at a later date?
  4. Hi, I'm relatively new to Astronomy, I currently own a Heritage 130P. It's a great scope but I'm looking to upgrade and like the idea of the 'Push to' system. I also like the Goto set up but understand it eats batteries and an additional cost for a Powertank adds to the cost, hence liking the great idea of Push to. After MUCH research I discovered what I think ticks all the boxes for me. The Orion Intelliscope 6i, then I find out no one stocks this wonderful piece of kit in the UK! I then discover Orion USA have a distributer in Europe, Holland or Germany I think. Truth i
  5. Just visual only no Astrophotography, DSO and planets, 6 SE looks spot on. Thanks for the info
  6. I just looked, that costs a fortune! MUCH more the a 6SLT! Way out of my budget!
  7. I saw a thread a while ago, someone said ''Upgrading, should I go for the Nexstar SE 6, or the SLT 127 Mak? '' As a beginner that sort of confused me, reason being, would it not be better to ask, SE6 or SLT 6? Both being the same aperture, how could you compare getting a 127 mm to a 150mm. I have heard the 127 SLT is a great scope for the money, but surely does not compare visually with the SE6, whereas the SLT 6 being the same aperture size would be the best option. I read alot about the 127 and 130 SLT and how good they are, but very little about the more powerful SLT 6, is
  8. Hi, I cant seem to find any reviews on this scope, very little in fact, every time i put in the letters SLT, I get a ton of info on the 127 and 130 but nothing on the 6 SLT? How does it compare with the 6SE? I found one snippet of info about the SE having a better mount but thats about it? Also nothing on the 5 SLT??? Any info appreciated.
  9. I spoke with two large UK telescope companies the other day, they both said the same...''As good as the Orion scopes are, because they are USA based company, buying one here in the UK would not be a good idea as you can't or wont get the Tech support if needed, and as a beginner I may need it, fair point I guess, but a shame as I love the look of them. I see they are on Amazon, but I personally wouldn't shell out £ 700 or more on there, would have to be a main dealer.
  10. What are your thoughts on this scope people? Anyone own one? What are they like? They seem very rare in the UK, its mainly Skywatcher here. Don't dont get me wrong These are obviously great scopes too, but I'm looking for an 8 inch Dob but prefer the Orion solid tube, may hold better collimation? Also prefer the all black look and the 'Push to function' I've narrowed my search down to the above 'title scope and a Skyliner 200 p flexi Goto, but am heavily leaning towards the Orion, I love the look of the push to Intelliscope system, I wonder how it compares to the Skyliner 200p Flexi Go
  11. Cheers Ben, I must admit though, I'm not so keen on a Tripod, maybe a little clumsy or wobbly in comparison with a DOB?
  12. Hi, Thanks for the reply, whats your take on the Nexstar se 6 in over all comparison?
  13. Hi Guys Sorry, questions like this probably been asked a million times. But at these prices I cant get it wrong, I currently have a Heritage 130p, looking for an upgrade, settled on these two, i've researched as much as I can on both, the DOB being big and bulky is no issue for me. I love the look of the Nexstars but they are more pricey. Its the more technical side like GOTO software that I'm not sure of or dont really understand, like reliability, quality ect. What I'm really looking for is a good 'All rounder'' DSO AND planets. The Nexstar 8'' is out of my budget by the way.
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