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  1. Hi all, I realise that this is a decade old post, but my googling of this very problem last week led me here, so I thought I'd write down the answer for any future searchers. Those daft crosshead screws holding the slo mo controls on are M4 sized. I found a generic m4 thumbscrew that worked well. Although, if you're searching, 5mm would have been better than the 10mm I had - the RA one needed a quick introduction to the hacksaw to trim it to clear the clutch. M
  2. Thanks @Zermelo that's really helpful - ta for the linked thread too. Very informative.
  3. Fabulous. I really love the composition of the 2nd one - the building looks almost cosy under the sky
  4. Lovely images - I really like the 2nd to last.
  5. really nice shot, and so good to hear about the efforts and thinking that went into it.
  6. Hi, I have a skywatcher 130 and would like to look at getting a particularly wide angle, low power eyepiece. I have the 28mm 2" eyepiece it came with and I think that has a 56deg fov (though happy to be corrected here), but I see eyepieces listed with wider view and wondered about them. I've been told that the f5 of my scope is fast enough to cause problems for wider view eyepieces, especially at the cheaper end of the market. How problematic are these limitations? I've also been told that the advantage of using a 2" is the wider views possible. So does anyone have experience of a 2" wide-fov, low power eyepiece - particularly one that's good value (or one to save up for tbh!) Cheers, M
  7. Thanks @Philip R that's a great tip - sounds like an ideal Xmas list addition!
  8. Really nice chair. Lovely design and finish.
  9. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! There's been not a sliver of clear sky since, so I've not been able to get out again. The advice about keeping the magnification down is great to hear. I'll take my finger off the buy it now button! Speaking of which I think if @FLO had a function where items reduced in price (just slightly, mind) as consecutive cloudy nights amassed then my credit card would be bang in trouble. Course, might be tough for them to stay afloat... But the urge to browse on a cloudy night is quite something! @IB20I think I'll see how viewing goes in the field literally opposite my house before I wade into council bureaucracy, but good to know. Cheers all, M
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