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  1. What sort of weight are you thinking of using on top of it? One of them little Manfrotto you are talking about, really they are geared more to cell phones and GoPro and would struggle to hold steady a lightweight mirrorless and kit lens. If you're serious about taking a stable mount, and wanting to hold a couple of kilos steady, then upping the budget is a must really as one of the most overlooked things in photography is the tripod. Upping the budget to £60ish would start getting in to the territory of things like the Zomei Z818 or the ESDDI 64, both of those should hold up to a few ki
  2. I saw that the other day, it's quite surprising to what this scope comes bundled with and whilst doing the rounds of clicking the "Inform Of Stock" finding how many different kit options and accessories are available; they've put a lot of behind the scenes thought in to this.
  3. I had a look at that vid, and the author of this page has a few pointers as well as some "defaults" for a few things to get a bearing on it with; and mentions that if used on the moon that there would be some CA if not used with a moon filter (another thing on the list to use the search function here for!). Only thing now is to keep an eye out to when these are back in stock or if one pops up used around these parts.
  4. @JonCarleton which distribution of StarNet are you using? Is it the one from Github or the one from Sourceforge? As a bit of a thought on this today, I went through on another machine and set it up from clean using the Github version, and found that at least one of the libraries needed (scipy) has had a couple of bits deprecated which in turn causes StarNet to fall over. The pre-compiled (this is on MacOS, though) binaries from Sourceforge running over Python 3.8 didn't have any sort of issue there. Would it be possible to post a grab of what the output is when it's dumping? As
  5. I've not really seen that much of an increase on the 72ED here, it may happen or not. One of the biggest draws for me with the ST80 (apart from that which I wrote above) is that it's priced less than what the insurance excess would be on a more endowed scope, a social scope if you will that I wouldn't mind breaking out if one of the nieces wanted an hour out the back or taking to a gathering.
  6. This is what I'm seeing in a few places. After reading up on some of the tweaking for it, like matting the tubes, stripping and fettling the focuser and how it is a fair reasonable performer doing double duty, not just visual but imaging too (I doubt it'd be possible to find a similar performing 400mm/~F:/5 lens for an SLR for the same coin). It's almost starting to feel like a no-brainer as not only for a little scope to keep handy for sitting on the balcony with (or to take off on holiday or to work when it's one of them nights) at the price it's something that'd would make a good learning
  7. How are you running StarNet, are you dragging the StarNet binary / shell script on to the terminal or going in to terminal and cd-ing to the StarNet path then something like "./rgb_starnet++ in_image.tiff out_image.tiff"? I know that may sound a bit daft, but I was ripping hair out the other day with nearly the exact same problem but on MacOS (I've been using StarNet a while and couldn't see this wood for the tree) and I was forgetting to cd to the directory and instead just trying to drag and run.
  8. The more I'm reading about these ST80's, the closer one is to following me home; reviews like this are chipping away at the reasons not to. For the price of one, I'd have probably dismissed it as a "toy" scope, but from what I've read on here and in other places my mind is changing and quite rapidly.
  9. Neat little setup, cheap enough too to buy full built instead of getting the finger burner out for a one off job. If I was building it mind, I'd probably change the resistor in the R5 position (the one in front of the LED) to something a bit larger (perhaps a 56k or 67k) just to drop the LED output as that could end up an annoyance when out there.
  10. I think the highest version of tensorflow you would be able to use on 10.11 is version 1.9.0 Before you dig in installing tensorflow, though, it may be worth looking at what version of Python is required as it was 2.7 on 10.11 (originally, unless you've updated) as the original building of StarNet was under Python 3.6 If you've got Python3 in there, pulling tensorflow in to the system shouldn't be more difficult than installing it through python (pip) itself. If you've got a machine with a standalone graphics processor, tensorflow may be able to leverage that, but if not or unsu
  11. With that level of depth it would have taken me a few minutes to recognise it if you'd not said! That's a beautiful image.
  12. I don't think it'd run on 10.11, as libtensorflow (one of the dependencies of StarNet) looks for something in the operating system that wasn't introduced until Sierra.
  13. My usual thing for cleaning items that aren't affected with static is a rub over with a soft pencil eraser followed by a wash down with alcohol.
  14. The only limit to anything is how creative and how well at problem solving you are. At the moment, I've an EQ mount on order but my other one, it's one of the lowest bits of tech there is for a mount, two bits of wood, a door hinge, a few bolts and metal rods; also cost me about 15€ over what I had already to stick together. One of the things I've found with looking up, half of the enjoyment/bedevilment (delete as applicable) is learning things and solving problems; and them solutions don't have to be expensive. Here's a few links (same ones as I used) to get you started, and then if th
  15. Both it and it's larger sibling don't really look like the sort of thing that someone who frequents a forum like this would consider a serious tool. It looks more like a disposable income consumer device which would be rolled out at dinner parties and the like as a talking point, and priced accordingly.
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