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    Jeff Marston's Pictures

    Some photos I have taken in the last few years
  2. jeffmar


  3. It is not exactly an all around scope but I pretend that it is. I really do like the optics. Things look pretty amazing when seeing permits. I have a little 80mm apo refractor but I don't get it out nearly as much as my C11
  4. Marvin is covering a scrape on my scope, but he never complains. Thanks. I have had this C11 for nearly 4 years and I wouldn't trade it for any other scope.
  5. These are photos of My C11 Edge on a CGX mount on a CGE tripod
  6. Last week I was far enough away from the city to be able to see the Milky Way. I so rarely get to a place with dark skies I had a hard time focusing on any one DSO. I was all over the place using the goto on my mount to look at things and take some photos. The one thing that stood out was a few photos I took of M13. I usually get final focus by taking high ISO, short exposure shots of my target. Then I take a bunch of lower ISO, longer exposure frames and stack them. The strange thing about this photo session was the high ISO, short exposure photos looked better than my stacked photos. I was using my C11 and a Sony mirrorless, full frame camera. This is a 40000 ISO, 5 second exposure.
  7. I am definitely after portable. My big scope and mount total over 160 pounds. I will look for that thread. Thanks for the help!
  8. Thanks so much for the information! It is good to have a direction to go.
  9. When I got into astrophotography I started at the wrong end. My first serious telescope was an old black C11 on a sand cast fork mount. With great anticipation I mounted my DSLR camera on my scope and started taking photos. I found I was getting a very small percentage of decent images without star streaks and light pollution. I have improved my hobby with some smaller scopes and better mounts over the years. Last summer, when I was far away from the city, I propped my camera on a rock and took some decent Milky Way photos and it was so simple to do. I have seen some very good deep space object photos taken with more typical photo equipment and small camera mounts. I could really use some good suggestions on good astro mounts for cameras.
  10. Great work! I think you can be proud of that photo!
  11. I have had a CGEM for about 4 years and it has been utterly dependable. I have used it for my 80mm ED apo, my C8, and my C11. I have even done some astrophotography at F/10 with my C11 on that mount. I would rate the tracking at 4 out of 5 and the goto function at 5 out of 5. It has a bit of backlash which does not come into play as long as I keep just a tiny bit of weight bias to the east. I now have a CGX mount which is an improvement in most areas but I find the CGEM is easier to set up and polar align. I am not getting rid of my CGEM any time soon. As far as I can tell the changes on the new CGEM ll are just cosmetic.
  12. I have a C11 mounted on a CGEM with a CGE tripod. The optical tube is 28 pounds, the mount is 41 pounds and the tripod is around 50 pounds. I also have two 17 pound counterweights I use with my C11. My first C11 was over 25 years old and was mounted on the old sand cast forks. It was heavy and could be difficult to put on the tripod. My newer C11/CGEM/CGE mount combination is a lot easier to set up. I take my big scope everywhere. Some people think the C11 is too heavy. I guess it depends on the state of your back and how active you are.
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