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  1. Yeah, that corner is pretty bad and pain to get rid of. Guess i just need to brush up on my PI game...
  2. I'm not experienced with LRGB imaging, so thought i'd give it a go on M81. However, when i combine the 4 individually processed integrations i end up with horrible colour hues across the image - they're all aligned and wotnot. Am i running into the issues of light pollution (inside the M25), which i can only remove with aggressive DBE application? Individual files attached.
  3. That's interesting. I just assumed the age of my machine would put it well out of date
  4. I've got a 5 year old desktop, which i think performs decently and does my Pixinsight processing pretty well. However, i want to change to a laptop for the form-factor, but i don't want to compromise on performance. This is my rig: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/27054387 What machine do you use and how does it perform with Pixinsight? Any folk familiar with computer hardware able to provide steer on whether i'm due an upgrade? Looking to understand how others do their processing.
  5. Unrelated to the post, but noticed your signature. Dedicated my CPU cycles to Folding@Home
  6. I've also been researching the ASI533. I'm currently using Atik 383L+, but i'm being tempted by ease of OSC and the 533 looks tasty
  7. Nice job. Feels great once you manage to guide for longer subs
  8. I found this thread, which I might explore. I have a pi kicking about somewhere.
  9. I'm interested by your Raspberry Pi comment - what OS is it running? I currently run my imaging from an old laptop, but a Pi sounds cleaner..
  10. There's a couple of really good PHD2 videos on Youtube that are well worth a watch. Found them very helping in setting up my guiding. This is part 1 - he also has a part 2. Takes you through the important settings for good guiding.
  11. I'm on the west side - near Ruislip. Everything seems to be working and i'll get another chance tonight to do some imaging. Must be the Mk1 star - got it in 2013 or '14 or so. Attached is a raw image out of the camera - seems like it might be ok to get going (300s lum - longer subs seemed to saturate). Sounds like a CMOS set-up wouldn't necessarily result in a faster or easier workflow for the same quality image? Think i saw your original Keter post Dave, which motivated me to make and covert my own. Not as progressed as you yet though - i have to lift mine off. Will work towa
  12. Five years ago I escalated my astrophotography habit to the point that i had an NEQ6, Skywatcher CF 10” Quattro, Atik 383L+ mono, William Optics Star 71, Lakeside auto focuser, EFW2 with Baader LRGB and 5nm Astrodon narrowband filters. Also got a Sony a7rii. Never really got the hang of the SW scope, so mostly used the star 71. Got some fun shots using narrowband filters - i almost exclusively image from inside M25. I had no fixed imaging set-up and one day about 3-4 years ago i just stopped. I suspect it was to do with the time commitment and the headache of set-up and breakdowns at terrible
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