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  1. I`m looking to upgrade my mount. looking for a goto mount with a payload capacity of 5.5kg upwards. EQ5 HEQ5 mount with goto. I`m in the yorkshire area but willing to travel 100 miles of leeds to collect
  2. I haven’t got a gps on this unit. I have seen Meade used to do an atomic clock update module. Meade have been no help really either. Just told me to disable the LNT and use it normally.
  3. Hi could anyone tell me how I can reset the atomic time on a LNT SMARTFINDER SCOPE for Meade etx 90. i upgraded to a LNT SMARTFINDER RED DOT SCOPE. But now I cannot set the time on the scope
  4. Is there a download site for Cdc? I cant seem to find a windows version!
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