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  1. Plate solving is amazing!!
  2. Then, I believe anyway, you'll need EQMOD running on the laptop to control the mount so that the guide camera connects to the laptop rather than the mount directly. There may be other ways that I'm not aware of though
  3. PHD2 is not particularly resource hungry for a laptop and if you want to guide you're going to need it. I didn't want to use my gaming laptop outside so I got a cheap refurb from ebay which works a treat and I don't care if it gets bashed about.
  4. There is some fantastic little details in there when zooming around into it, well done!
  5. Sorry to hijack a little but do you have any recommendations for software to bin stacked DSLR data?
  6. That's nice!!! I actually quite like the wide field on this as it looks like its just hanging there
  7. Finally managed to get some time to have a quick look at the data...wasn't expecting much given the focal length I'm working with but I'm using the clear (moonless...ish) nights to test out and tune kit and just chose a target that is visible through most of the night from my location. Anyway, so far this is about 6 hours worth of 5 minute subs along with associated flats, bias frames, no darks stacked in DSS and a quick stretch and mess around in PS to see what it's looking like. All this was taken with a modified Canon 600D, IDAS D2 filter, Equinox 80 refractor guided on an HEQ5 mount.
  8. Wow, a timely post as I've just finished the mod to my old HEQ5 this morning remove the grub screw and use a spanner to undo the hex bolt (it will take a bit of effort) I opted to drill out the plate with a 5mm drill bit and tbh i have worried about it for a long time and it was actually fine. I find it odd that they are saying to use the grub screw to secure as the heights on mine wouldn't have made that workable and used a little epoxy to secure it in
  9. The best one you can afford! Alternatively drop the big scope and maybe try a star adventure and second hand DSLR and lens first? It may be a bit more forgiving whilst you get up to speed with everything else.
  10. I started getting the exact same thing so I'm glad you've asked the question I'm going to try only in RA and see how it goes.
  11. I have the extreme and a general light pollution filter for different targets
  12. I'm not sure I'd go from one DSLR to another...I'm with a modded 600d and will hop straight to a dedicated camera after. Why not pair a dedicated OSC with an L-enhance or L-extreme filter, lots of people doing that in some very heavy light pollution locations.
  13. That's a great attempt and something to add to my list... although I may save for later when I have a longer FL scope and do a mosaic of it...well if the clouds and seeing improve anyway
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