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  1. Stupid question time, why don't you want the ratio to be as close to 1:1 or even 1:less than 1? I always thought the 1:4 was the upper limit of what you should be aiming for.
  2. Anything I can tbh, but it needs to be in the opposite part of the sky to the moon otherwise I get some really bad gradients. I will also use the time to try out gear and look at potential objects for another night i.e. framing etc etc Tbh we don't get enough clear nights not to try something even if the data is a bit poor..I cannot wait to get some narrow band equipment though.
  3. That's not a bad idea...maybe try a star adventurer and cheap second hand DSLR as well as it will get you started in some of the basics and can get you some awesome photos without a stupid amount of $$$
  4. I second this...it really is a slippery slope and can be highly highly frustrating
  5. I'm imaging this right now and if I can see dust like that I'll be happy well done!!
  6. Love that, I must seriously resist the temptation to buy a mono camera!
  7. I have LED street lamps directly into my garden, next door have smoking lights that they use when outside which also illuminate the garden and the house at the bottom of the garden leaves their curtains open with the lights on most of the night but I can still view and image things...tbh the moon is more of an issue than the others
  8. Yup I've invested in an ipolar and plate solving and it's been a game changer in set up times tbh
  9. Set it all up in your living room and take a video, double check all the clutches are engaged...you can also take the side panel off the mount to see what the gears are doing. Take a video and post it up here and someone may be able to help.
  10. I got my DSLR from cheap astrophotography online who was great. Astrophotography covers so many areas, what are you interested in? Planets, wide field, galaxies, nebula etc TBH probably best list out your equipment and let the good people here give much better advice than me
  11. Had a go myself this weekend as I was wondering how to combine NB images in photoshop but had no data and then remembered that section of the forum.
  12. Looking good! Out of interest how much of the sky can you see with that, do the walls hinder in that regard at certain angles?
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