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  1. Thanks for posting this method. I've just discovered that my mirror needs a clean for the first time, not sure how it's got so dirty literally overnight but I'll need to get it done.
  2. I didn’t get the funky orange interior version as it was out of stock, so plain old grey for me, but, I love it. Nice and simple and so much easier to use ‘in the field’ or, in the garden like I’ve just been. Enjoy.
  3. Thanks John. I think you’re right, in the end I’ll probably be lusting after the bigger version. Better get saving.. I had got my heart set on a 102ED frac but have really been surprised as to how much I’ve enjoyed the planets again this year.
  4. Yeah the sky tee was what I’ve been thinking. Sorry to butt into this thread but how much extra do you get out of the 8” over the 6” John, is it worth twice the cost plus the extra for a planet?
  5. Think I fancy one of these next year John. Might push it to the 8” though. Which berleback is that one?
  6. Thanks for that. I wouldn’t say that the image is large in my dob even at 250x but it does sound like there’s enough detail from the mak. Which model do you have? I nearly bought an SW version last year.
  7. Great report. How useful do you find the 127 mak for planetary? I keep toying with that idea as a grab and go but then fighting the urge to go all out on a frac next year.
  8. I’ve often wondered how the AR102 performs for the money. Am thinking I should hold out till I have a bit more to spend though but certainly sounds like it should do a fair job.
  9. Thanks Stu. There was high cloud around on dusk, but it seemed to have disappeared by 9. I’ve been concentrating on the two planets too more recently, there hasn’t been many opportunities of late for DSO observations.
  10. I've only managed to grab the odd few minutes with the Bino's this last couple of weeks, with work being so busy too but I've been itching to have a hunt around Andromeda with the dob this year. So with that in mind and the possibility of an hour or two without clouds, I set the dob up just after dark. The first half hour was spent watching Ganymede's transit across Jupiter. The seeing wasn't too bad at all at first but then the cloud rolled in, which was an hour overdue according to CO. I decided to grab a brew and get the dew kit working as it seemed pretty damp already. Around 9.30 the cloud had moved on and so I got myself acquainted with Almach to fine tune everything. At this time, Almach was only just above the tree next door and so I must have spent a good while letting my eyes slowly adapt. Andromeda needed quite a bit of breathing space and so I changed back down to the 13mm (98x) and settled in. M110 was clear, sat just inside the field stop. I couldn't discern the full shape of M31, very spread out and M32 was completely lost in the haze. I'm still to resolve this fuzzy from the garden which led me on to M33, another galaxy that has evaded me too. The sky didn't seem as dark as I'd like in the RACI, the stars around M33 were not that clear and so after 10 minutes of searching, I drew a blank. I tend to find M33, along with it's namesake M101 tricky, which must be down to my 20 SQM and the spread out brightness? I headed over to M15. This old girl responded best to 98x of magnification, the 10" didn't quite give me enough light for the 7mm, which I did try at first. There was clear arms branching out with some resolved detail around the edges. I dropped down to M2 but the session was about to get cut shorter than I'd have liked. The cloud had started to sweep back in ,which led me quickly back to watch Ganymede exiting from the disc. The autumnal damp air is upon us but I felt happy with a very quick hour+ and back in bed at a normal time to boot.
  11. A lovely write up of a very successful evening. I think that taking in some favourites is definitely the way to go if you don’t get away so often. I also am rather fond of the double cluster and wild ducks, they really are fascinating subjects that I can’t overlook when present. Can I assume you were south Shropshire? I’m originally from there and plan to take some family for a dark sky session next year. Hope that can be just as successful.
  12. That’s really encouraging. I’ve had my mother make me one too and haven’t had chance on a moonless night yet but certainly helped with stray lights on the few occasions the neighbours were using their garden lighting.
  13. That really is a wow moment, superb!
  14. Super report @KonI haven’t tried to see the Helix yet but it does look like it might be a bit low from my backyard. Unfortunately the forecast this week, across the new moon, doesn’t look good at all. Haven’t really used my Nebustar yet either so I really do hope things improve in time.
  15. Ah, not tried Almach either. I’ll try that next time too.
  16. Definitely one of my favourites but I struggle to see much other than the eastern and western sections from here. Really hoping the weather plays ball with the upcoming new moon, I’ll try and spend some time on it, thanks for sharing.
  17. The telrad (or Rigel) is a must imho. That and a RACI work perfectly together. The collimation kit also needs to be added of course.
  18. Just a point on weight, I’m suffering with a long term stomach injury which means I can’t lift mine so, I’ve bought a sack truck with a longer foldable base. Very easy to use, though I just need to make an infill for the top. At the moment I’m stuffing a garden cushion in there. I’ve also had to make a ramp too. By the way, once you buy a dob, there’s endless upgrades. So far I’ve added the RACI, Telrad, dual speed focuser, handle, dew kit, cover for outside and the best was the click lock. Going to add a fan next year when I’ll probably clean the mirror.
  19. I have the Bresser 10” and love it, however, if I were buying new now, I’d buy the Stella Lyra version from FLO because it has all of the additions that I’ve added since as standard. You’ll want to upgrade the EP’s anyway so don’t worry about those. But the dual speed focuser, RACI finder are worth the extra little bit up front. I too wouldn’t get too hung up on the mirrors at this price, they’re more than adequate for the job.
  20. I find the 5mm quite long but those small nag zooms do look handy John. It’s likely to be my least used EP I guess, but on those special nights, maybe..
  21. Maybe I’ll hold out for an HR. Was going to add the XW 3.5 at some point but fancy trying something specific.
  22. How high is the top Slot John? Do you find yourself using it much around the top. I’m 5ft 9in so just wondering whether it’s viable. My drummers stool is great ut I do like the idea of these from a storage POV.
  23. Definitely on my Christmas list. That’s a great job @johninderby
  24. Really interesting thread. I’ve really enjoyed watching the two gas giants across these last 6 weeks and am very pleased with my XW 5mm & 7mm, the latter has really exceeded all expectation I had. Was toying with the idea of a 6mm Fujiyama but certainly will keep my eye out for a 3.7mm HR too. I think a TOE wouldn’t see enough use in my dob for the outlay.
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