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  1. This thread http://www.indilib.org/forum/focusers-filter-wheels/1831-lakeside-focuser.html showed interest in making an INDI lakeside focuser driver 9 months ago.
  2. Hi all, The 10Micron mounts extend the LX200 protocol which means that their basics can be controlled by anything that speaks LX200. The Mount Command Protocol as 10Micron calls it is fully documented (I would not have bought this mount otherwise). I've started a 10Micron INDI device driver to support the extensions, based off of LX200Generic so that it inherits basic LX200 functionality. First thing that was added was TCP/IP support so that the mounts' ethernet port can be used for control and free up the mounts' serial port for a GPS unit at the same time. This support was later moved up into the main INDI::Telescope class so that all INDI mounts that support it now can use ethernet  On connect the driver sets Ultra Precision Mode (needed for model building later on and helpful with pointing). It also retrieves basic properties like product name/control box type/firmware version. Next Park and Unpark are supported. Last pull request : https://github.com/indilib/indi/pull/167 Known TODO's - find out where J2000 needs translation to Jnow - support pointing model building. Maybe by porting MountWizzard (python with ties to ASCOM and SGpro) ? Who is interested in helping and/or has ideas on what needs to be implemented next ? -- Hans
  3. Package looks good Never mind the download bandwidth, what's the upload bandwidth ? -- Hans
  4. Nice progress ! Keep those images coming
  5. I have a DHT22 outside for a few months now. It's under a ledge so not to get wet on every shower but it does get totally soaked during a storm. So far it has recovered fine from that. See the green line (outside humidity, scale on right axis) recovering from a wet period :
  6. Good luck ! I know it's not easy, I'm still automating my observatory
  7. Cool that you added the dev script. I'm about to control a roll-off roof with a RPI so it's a good start for me (I'll use inductive sensors (Balluff BES0068) to determine begin and end states and drive a frequency controller (Optidrive IP20) for a 3-phase motor with a belt.) If I have useful script additions to share I'll post a link to it. -- Hans
  8. But they do, they have rings for T thread (both male and female versions) , SCT and Takahashi thread. Here's one for example : Robtics | Starlight Xpress female T-draad adapter voor filterwiel of OAG -- Hans
  9. Hi Tim, I found it high too, but it was the only PE data i could find on the CGEM. That looks a lot better, and more in line with my expectations of the mount. Thanks, I've added your data to the list. Thanks, I hope it's useful. -- Hans
  10. Hi Doc, no problem at all. I hope it's useful, that's why I put it online -- Hans
  11. Hi Doc, glad you like my list I hope it's useful for astrophotographers who are looking for a new mount. If anyone has additions or suggestions then please let me know. There must be other commercially available mounts out there that i'm not yet aware of. -- Hans
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