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  1. Happy to report that tonight's first light with the Omni 120 (since collimating) was a great success! Much better snap to focus, scope took higher mag, sharper image.....allround better EVERYWHERE! Star test showed better results outside of focus where it was mushy before and X400 on a bright star showed a very nice airy disc. I tested out my new 27mm eyepiece on Andromeda and despite the bright sky due to the Moon rising, I could definitely make out more than previous attempts. Star of the show was Mars. The scope held X200 rock solid for over an hour before dew started to hamper proceedings but in that time I observed lots of surface albedo, the southern polar cap, despite being small and all with good colour. Super happy with the result of collimating the frac, it's really shown what it's capable of now.
  2. A little update. Having sold my CG5 2" tripod some time ago, I'd lived to really regret the move. Searches for a replacement turned up nothing but I stumbled upon stock on David Hinds' website over the weekend, don't know why I didn't look their before. Anyway, order placed and shipment notification received today. I think a 10" is back on the cards.
  3. Thanks John, I did some more calcs and realised the exit pupil was getting too large with the 10" F4, requiring shorter EP's. Great for mag but FoV was suffering. Not a problem if I wanted to invest in Ethoi and a paracorr, but that's not on the cards right now. The 8" really is looking like a solid option.
  4. Yep, that is very much on my mind Paul, especially with the uneven nature of my garden, I don't really want to be standing on a box/steps! It's a bit more weight to the 8" argument.. A bit of evening research and I discovered the TS optics PHOTON line of newtonians, they look rather nice and have better focusers than the SW equivalents. The 8" is particularly well priced, but the 10" F4 also caught my eye as the shorter tube goes some way to combat the issues discussed above and provides a larger FoV. But, will an F4 be suitable? I'm aware it will require more precise collimation, but have some other questions: 1. Will I need a coma corrector @ F4 with 68° EP's? 2. Will the larger central obstruction really be noticeable, especially considering the faint fuzzies?
  5. Yes, my garden! It's really not astro-friendly and is made up of tiers and what tiers there are aren't flat. The tripod allows me to get the AZ100 level but I fear a dob would rock and roll all over the shop.
  6. Hey Rob, it sounds like your thoughts are very much aligned with my own. It's interesting what you say about the larger scope in the wind, definitely something to consider especially with my less than ideal tripod. I feel a 10" would also require the addition of a Berlebach so the cost is doubled, say £800-£1000 for 10" OTA + BB vs <£300 for just an 8" OTA. I'm probably leaning towards an 8" right now, especially as it will provide a wider FoV without upgrading EP's and is a modest introduction to reflectors. A 200p is cheap enough and could be upgraded at a later date.
  7. Yes, a shame I sold my black version (for CG5) a few years back. Not sure I could stand a white tripod with the AZ100 on top!
  8. Ah, I'm surprised as the tripod looks quite beefy compared to the skytee II. I've seen your images of the AZ100 on the Uni, obviously it's a fair bit chunkier.
  9. Thanks John, good info. I'd be using ES 68° EP's and don't typically obsess over edge of field performance. I must have inadvertently denoted this thread for comment from John's only!?
  10. Thanks John & John. The different perspectives of those pictures really help. @johninderby, is that a Uni or a Planet? Planet I suspect. That's another consideration, I'm currently on a 1.75" steel tripod which is fine for the frac, but I wonder if it would struggle with a 10" on the AZ100? I do use it all but fully collapsed, only extending an inch or so of one or two legs to level, so may be OK.
  11. One thing I have noticed which may sway the decision: When considering what I know to be a good exit pupil for observing from my location, the extra focal length of the 10" does offer a larger image but also starts to really draw in the FoV available with my current EPs......that could get expensive not only in wider field EP's but a coma corrector too. Am I right in saying that using moderate 55°-68° EP's with the 8" would not necessitate the requirement for a coma corrector?
  12. Over recent months I seem to have come around to the idea of a reflector. I've previously resisted having just accepted that I like fracs, but I am guilty of never having owned a newt (I did once have an SCT though). Maybe it's the realisation that large refractors are just too much of a compromise or that having recently collimated a refractor, realising that it's not really a big deal. Ironic that I had to do that when it was collimation that put me off reflectors for so long. Also, there's no arguing with the £/inch of aperture equation! I also now have a capable mount in the form of the AZ100 so I've been looking at OTA sizes and weights whilst trying to keep aperture fever at bay! It would appear that both 8" and 10" newts are being used on similar mounts, such as skytee II's, but the 10" don't half look big! It's so difficult to tell from some images where there's nothing to scale against though, as people often take photos of their kit in isolation. I have used the threads below for comparison... This is purely a DSO venture, though I'm sure both would perform admirably on planets. My winter targets typically being the Veil Nebula, Orion, Andromeda, the Ring nebula, etc. I'm really interested to see how much deeper I can go with a larger scope and to find some new targets, having not ventured beyond 120mm aperture before (apart from the 8" sct but that only really got used on Jupiter at the time). Can anyone comment on whether the additional size and weight of the 10" is worth it over the 8" for the extra light gathering ability? A subjective question I agree, but I'd be interested to hear anyway, e.g. "the 10" doesn't offer much more but is a beast to handle", or "the extra 2" makes a HUGE difference to what you can see". Also, I wonder if the 10" is going to offer any more from my home location with moderate LP, or if it's just going to collect more of the wrong light? Is there a point where this becomes an issue with respect to aperture?
  13. An OVL 27mm extra flat EP. Nicely finished but of kit with a lovely large eye lens.
  14. Hi Don, thanks for confirming . I did realise that and saw it as middle ground between the Tak and RKE. Now, if someone could make a 28mm 68° 1.25" ep, I'd be most grateful
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