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  1. skywatcher Explorer -200PDS 200mm f/5 EQ-5 mount
  2. Hi Im thinking of dipping my toes in the water with a ZWO ASI120MC-S USB3.0 colour camera w/ Guide port, is this an easy one to start with? Will I obtain some decent images of planets and some of the brighter objects in the night sky? Thanks
  3. Hi I remember my first view of Mars many years ago through a 4” Meade telescope, it was rather disappointing. A very small disc with little (if any detail) Now I’ve progressed to a larger aperture and my aim is to see Uranus and Neptune. I am not expecting to see much! keep magnification low and have look later in the year, you will get better views
  4. Brilliant, looks like exactly the same eqp Can you make me one? I will pay, I have no way of making one like this? Chris
  5. start with moon and planets & see how I get on, then perhaps some of the brighter M objects thanks for your reply
  6. Hi will the above be ok to use with my MacBook? If not is there anything of a similar price that will? Thanks
  7. Morning, I came across a post about a rolling dolly for a telescope and thought it was a great idea! Is it? How easy is it to make or even better where can I purchase one at a reasonable cost? eqpt EXPLORER-200PDS (EQ5)
  8. I want one!!!!! looks like the perfect solution to my problem Big ask here, can I buy one?
  9. Hi May be an idea to chat etc. Not a member of any society Im very near Whitchurch (Tilstock)
  10. thanks, just googled it and that's what I came up with
  11. just been out walking the dog, noticed a line of 'moving stars' starting in the direction of Altair then moving slowly straight up and eventually disappearing at the Zenith. There must have been about 30\40 of these objects....any ideas. time 6:15 wish
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