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  1. Thanks to Jake for his instructions on this thread - I have successfully fitted the goto upgrade kit to my EQ5 today. Bit of an issue with the threads in the DEC motor but a new bolt sorted that! Now waiting for clear skies...
  2. With the arrival of my recently purchased EQ5 Synscan Upgrade kit, I'm considering refurbing the mount before fitting the kit. I purchased the scope and mount second hand and the original bill of sale included shows it was all purchased new in 2012. I've used it a few times and can't say I find much friction in the movement on both axis but I can't help feeling (having a motorsport background) that it would be an ideal time to do the refurb before fitting the motors. The polar alignment scope is also dusty within the mount where the cap hasn't been used so that would benefit from a clean too. I think I know the answer but being new to this, some advice would be appreciated!
  3. That's a great image - I'm looking forward to improving (and no doubt going backwards at times)! I fitted the DSLR to the scope for the first time last night. Whilst I didn't get any suitable images, I was very thankful to be able to focus on stars at least after a bit of effort!
  4. Last Sunday we finally got some conditions I could have a go at astro imaging! Thanks for the tips in this forum! Using a Canon 600D unmodified, with the kit 18mm lens on a static mount, I captured 10 x light frames at 20 sec shutter speed, f3.5, ISO800 focussed on Orion. I also collected 5 Darks at the same settings. I used a 30 day trial of BackyardEOS to capture the images directly to the laptop. I used Deep Sky Stacker (and some online tutorials) to stack the images and then used GIMP to process (and some more online tutorials...). I'm pretty happy with the result for my first ever! I appreciate there's a lot to improve on, and a lot more to learn but hey, we all have to start somewhere! The colouring towards the bottom left is pesky light cloud which I tried to remove - my Wife thinks it adds character!! The adaptor T Ring just arrived for my 200P, and I've got some motors on the way for the EQ5!
  5. Well my first scope has been purchased, a great buy from Facebook Marketplace. It's a Skywatcher 200P with EQ5 mount. I'm enjoying building it up, the previous owner had not put the mount together correctly so could never had polar aligned it. Typical that theres been no clear skies for me since picking it up...
  6. Message sent! Please can you post pictures of the mount too?
  7. Hi all, it's been just over a week since I took the attached photo via my 5 year old daughters telescope using my Samsung S8+ smartphone. The telescope was a Christmas gift and is a Smyths Toys TM0090P 50mm. We used a H4mm eyepiece. I was blown away that something so simple could be so amazing! This has led to a week of spending every spare minute reading beginner articles online, enquiring on telescopes for sale, purchasing a pair of Celestron 12x60 binoculars and downloading various apps and software to help me learn the skies! Last Sunday night I ventured out into the garden with binoculars and a laptop and once again I'm amazed by what I saw - and what is out of sight of the naked eye! For me the Eastern and Southern Sky are best for viewing - the North is somewhat obscured unfortunately with light pollution from the pesky street lights. I have been using Sky Map on my phone and Stellarium on the laptop. I have found both useful when used in conjunction with each other. I started viewing Venus first, using it's brightness as a reference point and then worked east from there. Absolutely amazing! Lessons learned from my first session - wear gloves... and I tried using Observation Manager to record my notes but I will revert to pad and paper in the future. I'm sure this application will be great to use in the long term but I don't want to spend more time searching it's database for objects than actually looking at the sky!
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