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  1. For sale ZWO ASI AIR £100 + £10 postage inc SD card and license link Pegassus pocket power box £120 + £10 postage link to device including cables and temp sensor for dew point £200 for both. or collection lancaster <private contact details removed>
  2. id like to buy the solar filter and bahtinov if available seperately ta
  3. I have the celestron edge and with reducer has FL of approx 1500 and use a cheap 200mm finderscope to guide no problem.
  4. link to new £550 at RVO Moonlite focus unit for Celestron Edge HD 8". incredible piece of precision. Includes everything in the below images. Focus unit, adaptor for using without reducer and the adaptors for using with T piece and 2"/ 1.25" equip. £300 cash on collection lancaster, Lancs. Will post but buy pays postage and paypal fees.
  5. would you sell the feather touch focusser individually? P.S the edge is a great price I paid more not long ago for one. GREAT scope.
  6. nice scope F2 is awesome but very specialised and less flexible in terms of possibilities than with an SCT. Faster but doesnt have the focal length for many tasks. For larger field a cheap APO does the job, ok you will need more exposure time for same data but then you have an extra grand in your pocket. look forward to seeing what this is capable of, but the last review i saw by trev at Astro backyard didn't really wow me.
  7. is this for full from or APS-C ? if for compact i'd be very interested on delivery / postage
  8. sorry just seen this and has kindly been replied to, but yes as above i just use a spirit level to find the true vertical position for my home position. My losmandy rail also has a bubble in it. Or just mark the mount with a sharpie
  9. try a spirit level on the counter weight bar to know your orientation then adjust polar scope to suit. depends on your intentions, if imaging and how long an exposure. The polar scope is only vaguely acurate for a decent PA to do imaging a polemaster or the ASI air are two ways to get your PA down to a few arc seconds
  10. Interesting and im sure that they can patch that in next firmware. I've heard some rumours of some significant improvements in the pipeline including EQ Mod compatibility. You're welcome i'm happy if even one person benefits. cheers
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