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  1. i ilive in hunts cross around 15 min from alder hay i just cant see were am going wrong ive reset it imputted everything in again and it was out by about 20 degrees agaiin on the alingment of castor im not going to give i just using it manualy
  2. hi thanks for the info im a bit stuck because i dont have a car at the miniute i was going to go to pickerings pasture but i had to sell my car were abouts is the obervatory please??
  3. from setup i enter english time and date my town liverpool thats all it ask's for i didnt think i needed to do anything else. doesnt it point north automaticly?
  4. i hvae put daylight savings as yes is this correct??
  5. it just doesnt seem to alignt correctly after alignment then i select goto moon its out about 27 degrees ??
  6. any one in liverpool south area i need help setting up my meade 114mm goto please having so much trouble!
  7. how do i know if i have on/off wheel i just have a cable that runs into my tripod
  8. ok thanks but no shim but it has come on but it isnt like a point of light its more like wall of red i have never had one so i dont know what its suppose to look like
  9. hey guys just bought a meade 114 goto telescope and the red dot aligment aint working any ideas?? surley the battery cant be dead only had it 3 days
  10. hi i just bought a meade 114mm goto scope and was woundering if any one can give me some adivce on what else i need to get started as i am very new to all this i want to take pictures but havent got a clue were to start?? thanks guys danny
  11. i have been using 25mm eyepiece. during the day time its hard to see the red dot so i found it hard to align it
  12. yes i set my home location i have done everything the manual say's twice over to make sure i have enterd it all corectly. so here's how i got on last night: first i aligned it north, then level so far so good motor is working fine i just hadn't tight'ned up the arm porperly it then ask me for two star aligment it found capella fine in the eye piece was a bright star so i assumed it was but then on the next one castor there was nothing in my eyepiece maybe i couldnt see it because of the light of the moon i dunno?? but i think im getting there slowly.
  13. i have just gone out now to find the red do finder working but when i tured it round to the moon to get it aligned properly it vanished???
  14. i only got it yesterday from telescope house i aligned the dot finder today and i have switched it on tonight and it's just not working. the mount has been wokring fine till just now im so confused lol
  15. hi helen thank you for your fast reply im at a dead end with it as im new to the hobby i just dont knoe were to start.... when the screen comes on it says align easy: so i press enter then it calcs north and level then does a two star alignment but it doesnt seem like the motor is moving up and the red line alignment aint working im using 8 aa batteries brand new many thanks danny
  16. i have just bought a meade DS-2000 series goto refractor and i just cant seem to get it aligined! i have type in the date the time and location all perfect but when i click go to moon its out by miles or it says moon below horizon????? im so desparte to get this up and running im running out of patience please some one must be able to help!
  17. i am a red. just been looking inbetween the clounds an found m42 orion neb its the first time i have ever seen anything like this in real time and looking at the surface of the moon i already planning to get a bigger scope lol. sorry if i offended any one with my tittle diddnt mean too.
  18. oooops lol wont make that mistake agen. just woundering how big of a scope will i need to start seeing nebular and planets
  19. hi my names danny i have been interested in the universe since i was about 5 but only yesterday got my first scope (22 now) a 3" reflector i have been using binos for a week and typicaly the past week weve had good clear skys over liverpool but sure enough soon as i get mmy scope clouds lol! i would be greatfull for any tips or if any one has any accerories for sale or even a 6" scope for sale i might be intersted. i am hooked on the night sky always wanting to see more. going to a star party in pickerings pasture on the 26th march in liverpool. looking forward to talking to you all and learning everything you guys can offer me
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