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  1. SM OS on Rpi4 uses an old kernel (4.19) and I'm finding it difficult to install drivers. I think I've put 14 hours alone into hunting a working Realtek 802.11ac usb dongle driver but I'm getting close.
  2. I have the new Ultimate Pegasus Power Box which has Indigo drivers, but not INDI. I am running the StellarMate Pi4 beta image. Should I anticipate any issues running everything on INDI/EKOS except the powerbox, which will run on Indigo? Also is there any way to boot from a flash drive/improve speeds with a 3.1 flash drive? I have a 400mb R/W flash lying around and the Pi's USB ports are not being used for anything else!
  3. I have StellarMate OS running on the Raspberry Pi 4 in a FLIRC case. Runs very cool and I can't get it above 56c, even if I peg the CPUs to 100% for 15 minutes. I have it mounted on a Losmandy G11GT with a Gemini-2 brain. I also have the new Pegasus Astro Ultimate Power Box [that's a mouthful] and I am going to run INDIGO on the Pi4 alongside INDI to get the powerbox to chooch with everything else.
  4. Ah good advise. I have a 'case' [open acrylic sandwich with a fan] and I will pickup some heatsinks from Microcenter tonight. I have a lot to learn...I am not sure what Astrometry and GSC are. I'm a network engineer with systems experience, so I bet I can figure it out in due time. Do you use Raspbian [Buster]? Derp, Astrometry is platesolving. I knew that!
  5. How is the heat and are you using Kstars & Ekos?
  6. Now that the Pi4 is out, has there been any further experimentation? I have a Pi4 [4 Gigs] on my desk and want to get it chooching with my ASI cameras, EFW, EAF, and G11 Gemini2. I am crossing my fingers for the fabled all-in-one small factor AP client setup. Those who have built it on the INDILIB forums haven't followed up too much on how well their Pi4 Astro hosts are working and it is a bit worrying. I would hate to have to wait for Mate to be updated for Pi4 before imaging with the Pi4, but as I understand, the Raspian distro's KSTARS lib is out of date, as are a few other astro apps.
  7. Ah I use a ZWO set for now at 7nm with my asi183mm and noticed my frames were soft in Ha detail on NGC7000 but I totally just blamed the poor transparency. I should stop to F4 and see if I have improvements. I'm sure it will improve but k already regret that loss of light at F4!
  8. At F2 would you get phase shifting issues using normal narrowband filters?
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