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  1. Does it make much sense to upgrade such an inexpensive device as SW ST-120 with rather expensive parts such as GSO DS focuser?
  2. Looks like it's the same scope as the TS Optics F/5.9 only re-branded: TS F/5.9
  3. Mike - Thanks for q quick reply and to be honest I had similar thoughts on the 4-element achro design which Bresser AR-152S is. However I was thinking more about extra glass of regular quality (not the ED) inserted in the light path. Sort of in a way it defeats the purpose of a simple 2-element achro design which despite its obvious limitations is a tried-and-true formula on its own. Sure the more elements there are the more precision should be applied in setting it up correctly.
  4. Please comment on your experience with the short refractor from Bresser, the AR-152S model. The good, the bad, anything really. Here it is: Bresser AR-152S I know its most significant drawback, the CO which is a curse of any achro and particularly the short models. I'm not too sensitive to CO, to say the least. Being on a budget I'm going to use it as a general purpose scope, for everything. Once again, I'm fine with the CO. What I like about it is of course its light gathering power which no one can deny. I've seen many reports that 6" achro comes close to both 8" SCT and 8" Newt (of course with certain limitations). I know it's strength is wide field views but I've heard people used them as a high power instrument for planetary observations as well. That's of course again those people who like me are perfectly fine with the CO. What I'm also interested to know is how good the quality of this achro is. How durable is the focuser? What material is used for the lens cell - is it cheap pot metal or a little better aluminum? Both of these are not good for constant collimation screw adjustments and I wonder how the lens cell holds up in this respect.
  5. By the way when comparing 2 devices like SCT and Maks and looking at SC 8" and a very popular Mak 5" - is there anything that would interest an SC 8" owner in its smaller slightly different Mak 5" brother except for a more compact size? In other words, if one owns the SC 8" I suspect there is absolutely no reason to look at a smaller device of a similar type like the 5" Mak. True?
  6. Thank you for your suggestions. I was very close to your idea im my contemplations. That's probably what I need indeed: a short wide field achromat! On the one hand it's compact and on the other hand it's quite the opposite of my SC 8".
  7. Hello, I just joined this forum and I have a few questions. I'm located in the Noth of Europe and just starting out in visual Astronomy. I'm not planning any imaging in the near futurte if at all. I got myself a Celestron 8" SCT as a multy-purpose 'do it all' basic telescope and I'd like to pair it with something else for the years to come. Please advise me a second device to complement my SC but please bear in mind that I'm not interested in a Newtonian reflector at all for the portability reasons. I suspect this only leaves me with an option of getting a refractor but since I'm on a tight budget I don't know what type of a reasonably priced refractor (below $1200) would be a good budget complement to my current SC 8" tube. Please give me some options and explain why they would be a good complement to the SC. What am I limited in with the SC and what those refractor options would give me as a complement? As far as I understnad for visual observations I need something with a good aperture not below 105 or maybe even 120 but anyway please state clearly what in your opinion would be my benefit from getting a refractor as a complement to my SC. If I'm not gaining anything please don't hezitate to set me straight.
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